Celebrity Breaks – Derek Jeter

Our celebrity break this week features Derek Jeter, a former professional baseball shortstop, entrepreneur, and baseball executive.
Actual card not pictured. Image courtesy of user aylillz on eBay.com

It’s not often that baseball royalty enters our realm! Derek Jeter sat down to rip open packs of 1993 Topps baseball cards in search of his iconic rookie card. 

Derek Jeter is a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, a five-time World Series champion, and has more accolades than we could dream of writing in this article. While this technically isn’t a card break, we can’t pass up the opportunity to show you a true legend of the game of baseball doing what you and we love: opening packs! 


Watch Derek open packs of 1993 Topps, which could hold both the base and a gold version of his rookie card. While ripping into packs, you can hear The Captain speak on whether he collects cards, if he owns any memorabilia, which other baseball players were his favorites, and how many cards he may have signed over the years. Let’s watch Jeter rip some packs!

We loved when Jeter got to the B.J. Wallace card: “was drafted before me.” Wallace was drafted third overall in the 1992 baseball draft, and Jeter was taken sixth. We’re sure Jeets wanted to be drafted first, but Yankee fans are probably VERY glad that didn’t happen. We wonder how Derek got his locker from the old Yankee Stadium to his house.


You could tell that Jeter wanted to dive into the next pack after finishing the first. Perhaps thinking about those childhood days when he was all about the gum. Do you remember when Topps packs had gum inside? We’re hoping Jeets becomes a Break-a-Holic, and that you’ll have the chance to get into a break with him someday.