Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 3.28.22

The best breaks to buy into next week are here. Check out our top 5 picks, like a 2021 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Hobby Box.

1. 2022 Leaf Vibrance Multi-Sport Box

The Leaf Vibrance line is what it says it is: VIBRANT. Using high-tech metal technology, this set is simply gorgeous. Leaf’s Autograph collection in this series is top-notch, and because it spans many sports, it is literally unmatched. 2 Autos per box, so you can split this Box Break with a friend and both walk away winners. Get in on Gram Slam Collectibles‘ very rare Vibrance Break HERE!

2. 2013 Panini Certified Football Box

2013 was so many “Football Years” ago, Gino Smith is on the cover of the Panini Certified Football Box. The 2013 Certified collection is beautiful, with foil cards, Mirror Black, Emerald and Gold Parallels, and much more. However, this Jaspy’s Case Break is different because this break is also a Filler! At the end of the break, Jaspy’s will take all of the participants’ names and randomize them. The top 7 names win a spot in their Paradigm break! To get in on this Bonus Break, click HERE.

3. 1979 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Wax Pack Card Random

The 1979 O-Pee-Chee Hockey cards are essentially a piece of Hockey History at this point. Be one of 14 players that shoot on goal for a chance to win a Gretzky Rookie worth $1,000,000+! That’s right, a Millionaire can be made, and if a Gretzky is pulled, there’s a 1 in 14 chance it’ll be you. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Join Vintage Breaks when they do what they do best, break vintage HERE.

4. 2021 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Hobby Box

Each box of Topps Triple Threads Baseball contains two mini boxes. We think it should be 3 for obvious reasons, but nonetheless, those two mini boxes are loaded. Each of the two mini boxes is guaranteed to contain a 1 of 1 Autograph Relic Card and an Autograph Relic Combo Card featuring three or more players. Topps did some really cool stuff in this set with the Triple Thread theme. Mamba Sports Cards really outdid themselves with this upcoming break, and you can get in HERE!

5. 2022 Historic Autographs Supreme Rewind Box

History in the making! Steel City Collectibles‘ Historic Auto Supreme Breaks are a surefire way to ensure you hit big. Historic Autographs feature (approximately) EX-MT baseball and non-sport cards, mainly from 1970 through the early 1980s. The baseball packs include the popular rookie cards from the 1970s, and the non-sport packs will include trading cards and stickers from 1977-1983 from brands like Star Wars, Raiser of the Lost Ark, KISS, Battlestar Galactica, and The Incredible Hulk. The PSA/BAS encapsulated autograph cards include baseball Hall of Famers, stars of the NY Yankees World Series teams, and non-sport Celebs. One Auto per box, get your spot HERE.