Win over 15K in Prizes Including a Complete 1964 Topps Baseball Set in the Spring Breaks Event

Vintage Breaks is ringing in Spring with their new Spring Breaks event! Find out how you could win a COMPLETE 1964 Topps Baseball set, a 1948 Bowman Stan Musial PSA 5, and more!

The lockout is over and baseball is BACK! Vintage Breaks is celebrating in a big way by giving away over $15,000 in prizes including a 1964 Topps baseball set, a 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson card, and thousands in break credit in their Spring Breaks event! 


FOUR contests are currently running, each loaded with prizes! You have until 10 pm EST on Sunday, May 15th to win any of the amazing prizes below, so don’t miss out! Here’s what you could win:

Contest #1 – Platinum VIP Bonus Event

You’ll receive one entry into this bonus for every $10,000 you accumulate at Vintage Breaks during this event. There is no limit to the number of entries you can earn. This bonus is winner-takes-all, and the winner will get an incredible, COMPLETE set of 1964 Topps Baseball!


All 587 cards from the set are included in this prize, including Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, a second-year Pete Rose, and more! We love the AL Bombers card (#331) with Roger Maris, Norm Cash, Mickey Mantle, and Al Kaline. Card 423 is a favorite of ours, too – Hank Aaron and Willie Mays on the same card! You’ll get to take home every one of these 587 cards for your personal collection.

Contest #2 – VIP Bonus Event

During this event, for every $2,500 you spend at Vintage Breaks, you’ll receive one entry into this bonus. Again, there is no limit to the number of entries you can earn. Three winners will be randomly selected, and they’ll receive:


• a 1948 Bowman Stan Musial rookie PSA 5

• a $3,500 Break Credit to Vintage Breaks

• or a 1954 Bowman Mickey Mantle SGC 3


The top prize is a Stan The Man rookie card! Musial won 3 World Series, 3 MVP awards, seven batting titles, and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. This iconic rookie card will look great on your shelf to show off when people visit. 

If you win the $3,500 break credit, you can choose ANYTHING on the Vintage Breaks website.

Third place will give you that lovely ’54 Bowman Mickey Mantle! Few ballplayers can be compared to The Mick. Mantle did not have a contract with Topps in 1954 and wasn’t included in their set. If you wanted a Mantle that year, this Bowman was THE card to have.

Contest #3 – Buy Any Spot Bonus

For EVERY SPOT you purchase in a break on until May 15th at 10 pm EST, you’ll receive one entry into this bonus. Spots on their site start as low as $3, and there is no limit to the number of entries you can earn. The top 10 Break-A-Maniacs could win:


1. 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson White Back Variation SGC 5

2. 1968 Topps Joe Namath SGC 7.5

3. 1963 Fleer Sandy Koufax SGC 5

4. $250 Break Credit to

5. $100 Break Credit to

6. $100 Just Collect eBay Store Credit

7. 1978 OPC Baseball Wax Pack

8. 1981 Topps Basketball Wax Pack

9. 1984 Topps Football Wax Pack

10. 1981 Topps Hockey Wax Pack


While the event is geared towards baseball, Vintage Breaks does offer card breaks in all sports, so they included a few prizes from football, basketball, and hockey. Looking at the 9th place prize in the Buy Any Spot promo, you have the chance at pulling pack-fresh rookie cards of John Elway and Dan Marino!


ZERO LIMITS FOR ENTRIES. The Platinum, VIP, and Buy Any Spot promotions have no limits on entries. For example, if you check out twice – any two purchases – you have two entries into the Buy Any Spot promotion. If you spend $20,000 in one checkout, you have two entries into the Platinum promotion (as well as eight entries into VIP Promotion and an entry into the Buy Any Spot promotion). 


Each bonus spot is just that – a bonus. You still receive the cards from your break, too! Imagine buying a $3.00 spot in a card break and getting a bonus 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson!

Contest #4 – The Break-A-Maniacs Appreciation Bonus Event

This is a very special prize – you can’t buy in! You can only get a spot in this promotion through bonuses on Vintage Breaks live shows such as answering trivia questions, as a prize in their social media, or maybe making the breaks laugh! Start watching the live shows now and following all of their social media, each of which you can find on their website.


Top 3 spots win:


1. $500 Break Credit to Vintage Breaks 

2. $250 Just Collect eBay Store Credit

3. Vintage Breaks hat + $50 Break Credit to Vintage Breaks


Check out this video of one of the Vintage Breaks events where they gave away a 1965 Topps Baseball Complete Set, 2018 Topps Chrome Update Shohei Ohtani Pink Refractor Rookie PSA 10, and many more prizes.

For ALL Details and prizes check out the Vintage Breaks event page. Let us know if you pull any big cards with Vintage Breaks or if you take home a prize during the event!