Greatest Pulls of All Time – 2011-12 Exquisite Championship Bling Michael Jordan Auto

In this week's Greatest Pulls of All Time, we feature an exquisite 2011-12 Championship Bling Michael Jordan Auto with fewer than 2,000 cases produced!
Actual card not pictured. Image courtesy of

In the 2011-12 NBA season, Upper Deck released a twist on their ULTRA high-end NBA product, “Exquisite.” That year UD produced cards of players in their college uniforms! One of the coolest inserts in the set is the Championship Bling cards; these cards have a design of the player’s NCAA championship ring and an on-card autograph. 


When we say ultra-high-end product, we mean ULTRA. Fewer than 2,000 cases were produced. Each case has three boxes, and each box has just one pack with six cards. The price tag reflected the rarity. Upon release, a box would set you back around $900. What’s in a $900 pack of cards? Five of the six cards are autographed, and here’s the kicker – UD said every case (of 3 boxes) would have a Michael Jordan autograph! Sadly you won’t find a case for $2,700 today. Just one box was sold for over $15,000 last year at auction.


Bullpen LA was able to get their hands on a box for a break! We found the video for you as they pulled this awesome MJ auto /99. The signature is in gold ink and is on-card. With the NCAA tournament happening this week, we couldn’t resist sharing a Jordan auto in his UNC uniform! The greatest of all-time player has to be on our greatest pulls of all time list! 


Let us know if YOU pull a monster in your card breaks; we’d love to feature your pull here on the site.