The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 3.7.22

We've got 5 of the hottest pulls from last week, curated just for you! Don't miss this stunning James Wiseman Mosaic Peacock and more!

1. James Wiseman Mosaic Peacock

A James Wiseman Rookie Base Peacock was pulled for Phil, who had this break to himself, and watched the Coffee Breakers rip it live! That unmistakable RC Panini logo always looks good, but it looks even better with the colorful refraction of the Mosaic Peacock gleaming off the card. It’s a stunning-looking card, too, with the background edited out. Panini knows how to make even a layup look flashy.

2. Jim “Catfish” Hunter 1979 O-Pee-Chee

Leighton of Vintage Breaks sat down with none other than Goose Gossage as part of an Interview/Break Special at the Philly Show. They broke the ice, they broke some cards – it was a good show. Key cards to be on the lookout for in the 1979 OPC pack were an Ozzie Smith Rookie and the usual suspects of Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, and other greats of that day. However, the card Goose pulled wasn’t so much about the monetary value but the sentimental. Goose teared up as he reminisced about his time playing with Jim “Catfish” Hunter. Goose even said of his fellow animal-named comrade, “He was one of the best teammates ever.” A perfect pull for the occasion.

3. 2021 Koke Relic /99

We love Donruss Optic for their Rated Rookies and their guaranteed Autos, and this card has ’em both. It was an NBA Pick-Your-Team, so PANDAG with the Washington Wizards came in as the late-box winner for the Auto. Deni Avdija is a small forward from Israel that made plenty of noise overseas and has continued to do so in the States. Bright prospect and a real nice Autograph.

4. Micah Parsons Material Signature /99

The 2021 Defensive Rookie of the Year Award winner, Micah Parsons, also came up with a College Defensive Player of the Year Patch Auto in this NT break. Dennis B won the College Material Signature series featuring Micah on the Nittany Lions. Penn State is hard to get a relic from, so the patch has extra NCAA significance. This was 58/99, so there are 98 still out there…

5. Kyler Murray Gold Etch Rookie Patch Auto

The Certified Gold Etch Rookie Patch Auto looked like a gold brick when the Steel City Break Room pulled it. If you know Gold Rush, you know they go big or go home with their cased and boxed cards. This Kyler was 4/10 and was the hit of the whole show, of course.