Celebrity Breaks – Alex Bregman

The Houston Astros' Alex Bergman is our Celebrity Break this week.
Actual card not pictured. Image courtesy of user ahfl89 on eBay.com

If you’re a Houston Astros fan, you love yourself some Alex Bregman; an All-Star game MVP with a Silver Slugger award and such a big part of the 2017 World Series team that he had the walk-off hit in game five. If you’re NOT an Astros fan, you may not feel the same way about Bregman – especially if you root for the Yankees. The cheating scandal divides us fans for the on-field play of Bregman, but his hobby off the field unites us; Alex Bregman loves ripping boxes of cards!

Bregman went on his personal YouTube account to break 2020 National Treasures football. Two boxes got ripped live! Each box has eight cards – three autographs, three memorabilia, and one base or parallel card. The checklist is stacked as NT is a high-end box. Currently, one box will set you back between $7,000 and $8,000. Inside could be RPA’s of Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, or numbered autos of Tom Brady and more. Let’s see what Bregman pulled:

The Joe Burrow RPA Midnight /20 that Bregman has a redemption for sold on eBay for $32,100 on February 15th. Not sure about the $100,000 value mentioned during the video, but not a bad return on a $7k to $8k box!


We know your eyes are on the cards during a break so you can see your hits, but keep an eye on the chat; you never know if a celebrity is in the break with you!