The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 2.28.22

Don't skip our top 5 pulls of last week! We've got a 2020 Bowman Draft Asia Reid Detmers Auto.

1. 2021 Bowman Bubba Chandler Auto

Multi-Position playing Prospect (Pitches and plays Short) Bubba Chandler’s Autograph got the Chrome treatment when Platinum pulled the 29th of 50 Bubba Autos in the set. The best part, it’s GOLD! Real nice card from a kid we are looking forward to seeing a lot of in the upcoming baseball season, whenever it starts.

2. 2020 Bowman Reid Detmers Auto

This 1st Round Pick card of Detmers is as hot as his fastball. The 22-year-old was the 10th overall pick that year out of Louisville, and he has not disappointed yet. We all know the best part of breaking older draft Draft sets is seeing how the player has progressed and where they are now. The future is wide open for this lefty and he, and his card, have some style.

3. 2021 Koke Relic /99

Atlético Madrid star Koke, the man who only needs a four-letter introduction, was also the star of this 10 Spot break. 10 Spots, how’d that work? I’m glad you asked. It was a Random Serial Number Break, so there were many winners and a 10% of getting the big hit! Ryan happened to get this beauty of 99, but plenty of other valued cards were pulled in this break.

4. Michael Jordan 1987 Fleer Sticker

John Rotundo was the lucky recipient of the first card in the 1987 Fleer set, the first card in the pack, and the first card you want to see in any break: an MJ. After the Mad Breaker did a little dusting off of some sugar from the old gum, a pristine Jordan revealed itself. Those stickers clean up nicely, and John cleaned up during this rare 1987 Sticker break.

5. 2021 Leaf Pro Set Power Football Jojo Earle

Attack of the Autos! The Leaf Pro Set Power is wall-to-wall Autos, as you know, so choosing one to spotlight wasn’t easy. Earle, a Texas Native, was a 4-star signing recruit last year, and we expect to see a lot out of him. One of the many impressive pulls from the Pro Set – the series that makes every break look like a high school Yearbook.