The Babes of Card Breaks – Leigh from @222Cards

We're back with the Babes of Card Breaks! This week we highlight Leigh from @222Cards.

222Cards is active on Instagram and WhatNot with sales of some pretty nice high-end, modern cards. The owner, Leigh, is big on PC’ing Luka Doncic, Giannis, Morant, Joe Burrow, and Tom Brady. Her favorite card is an RPA /199 of Luka! 


Checking her IG account, we saw Leigh show off big hits like a Steph Curry NT auto /15, several Ja Morant autos, and a patch auto with the Nike Swoosh /5 of Russell Wilson. She sells singles, rips boxes, and even brings cards to football games.

Not only is Leigh selling PSA 10’s on her WhatNot page that you can follow HERE, she’s a total 10 herself! Leigh is a Babe of Card Breaks!

More than just a pretty face; it’s great to see women rule in the hobby we love! Make sure to give Leigh at 222Cards a follow today!