The Most Impressive Unopened Finds Pt. 3

It's time for part 3 of the Most Impressive Unopened Finds!

The hardest thing for you and us here at Card Breaks to do is NOT open up packs of cards; we’re break-a-holics. Now imagine trying NOT to open a pack of cards with the legendary Babe Ruth inside. Believe it or not, there are actually sealed packs with Ruth cards! Making history in The Most Impressive Unopened Finds is a stash of 1929 Star Player Candy packs.


In 2009, a consignor went to Robert Edwards Auctions with a find of about 30 boxes of cards from the 1920s to the 1940s found in the storeroom of a candy distributor. One of those boxes was issued by John H. Dockman & Sons in Baltimore, MD. The cards are titled “Headliners & Gum,” better known today as Star Player Candy. Each pack has tiny pieces of gum and one baseball card. The packs have plastic wrappers so you can see the contents of the pack – sort of like a cello or a grocery pack. What was showing in the box that was hidden for 80 years? How about FOUR Babe Ruth cards, a Lou Gehrig card, and a Walter Johnson!


In total, 70 sealed packs from 1929 were in the box. Robert Edwards Auction sold the box for $15,275 in the Spring of 2009. Just two years later, one of the Babe Ruth packs that was kept as a souvenir from the consignor was put up for auction at REA, and it sold for $8,815!


We’re not sure if any of these packs sold at REA were ever opened, but the PSA population report has just 15 total cards ever graded. What do you think – did someone get the itch to rip a Babe Ruth pack so they could hold a pack-fresh Ruth card for the first time EVER? Here’s our dream: One of the breakers purchases a few packs and does a random pack break with a few of these 1929 Star Player Candy packs!

Photo courtesy of Robert Edward Auctions © 2020 All rights reserved.