The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 2.14.22

Are you ready for the 5 most exciting hits from last week? We've got a 1970 Topps O.J. Simpson Rookie. Kick back and enjoy the countdown.

1. 1970 Topps Football Cello Pack

With the power of Ric Flair and Dyson behind him, the Mad Breaker pulled an almost perfect (looking) OJ Simpson Rookie. The pack-fresh Orenthal James Simpson, AKA “The Most Wanted Man in America,” card was the 6th pull of the break. According to the Mad Breaker, this card, which was ultimately one of the targets of the set, will go for as high as $8k at auction.

2. Eddie Suarez Gold

Columbian footballer Luis Suarez was once regarded as one of the best soccer players in the world. His Gold card, pulled by S10 of Vintage Breaks, was regarded as the best card in a great box of 2019 Chrome UEFA Sapphire. This Sapphire Box didn’t bite, even though Suarez has a reputation as a bit of a biter.

3. 2021 Panini Rookies & Stars NFL 2 Box Joe Burrow

The Blez Boys pulled a High Octane 194/199 Joe Burrow patch for Quinn, and that was followed by some other notable cards, like a Trey Lance Rookie Silver Stellar Rookies and a Trevor Larence Draft card. Plenty of Rookies and Stars in this Rookies & Stars break, which makes sense. Joe Sheisty may not have taken home a trophy on Super Bowl Sunday, but Quinn sure did with this big hit within a box of big hits.

4. 2021-2022 NBA Hoops Jalen Suggs

Sound the Alarm; Filth Bomb Breaks recently busted out a Jalen Suggs Hot Signature Rookie in one of their Random Team Mixers. The Hot Signature Rookie series within the NBA Hoops brand is filled with just that….hot signatures of rookies. The card numbered 25 of 25 set off all sorts of bells and sirens at the Filth Bomb studio, and Marty A. was the lucky recipient.

5. 2022 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Ke’Bryan Hayes Medallion

2022 Topps Baseball has been breaking all over the web this week, but this pull from Far East Carl really caught our eye. The Commemorative MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Medallion card is signed by Pittsburgh’s 3rd Baseman and young hopeful, Ke’Bryan Hayes. This belt buckle-card is unique because it’s not the traditional relic or memorabilia card we are used to seeing, a fresh look for the new 2022 Topps set.