Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 2.21.22

We’ve rounded up the top breaks to buy into this week, including a 2013 Limited Football Box Break.

1. 2021 Pro Set Metal Baseball Hobby Box

This is Leaf’s first Pro Set Baseball Hobby release featuring their unique Metal technology! Every. Card. Is. An. Auto (6 cards per pack, one pack per box). You can have the box delivered unopened directly to your home if you want to be lame, or you can have Cards Infinity break it LIVE either by yourself or with friends. Don’t miss out – get in on this box for $119.95 HERE!

2. 2013 Limited Football Box Break

Jaspy’s is breaking a hard-to-find 2013 Limited Football Box in a Random Team, but not only that. Once the break is over, they will be giving away 10 SPOTS into their Immaculate Football break. Come for the Deandre Hopkins or Eddie Lacy Rookies, stay for the giveaway! You can get your spot for only $46.99 HERE.

3. 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball Jumbo Box

Topps 2022 is HERE! There’s only one way to welcome the first edition of Topps’ 2022 set: JUMBO. Be the first to have, well, every card in this brand new, impressive set. This is a Jumbo Box so remember, you’re getting more bang for your breaking buck with Blowout Cards. We have our eyes on the 1987 Chrome – Gold Parallel throwbacks, reminding us of one of the most iconic Topps sets in history. You can get in on this hot new set for $249.95 HERE!

4. 2022 Topps Tier One Baseball Hobby Box (Pre-Sale)

With the recent release of the 2022 Topps Baseball set, it’s hard to deny that the 2022 Baseball Card Season is underway. Launching in May, you can lock up your spot in one of the first 2022 Topps Tier One breaks EVER with Grand Slam Collectibles! There will be one pack per box and three cards per pack with 2 Autos and 1 Relic per pack. This set will feature the all-new Gripping Relics featuring bat grips and the returning MLB All-Star Game Patch cards. This set is sure to be a HIT, so don’t miss out – buy your spot for $184.95 HERE!

5. 1984 Fleer Baseball Cello Box

This is a Reed Buy, meaning it was hand-selected by Dave & Adam’s Card World‘s Head Buyer of their Sports Division, Reed Kasaoka. So it’s fresh off the bargaining table and ready to be added to your collection. You don’t even have to open it; this box stands as a collector’s piece all on its own. However, if you did bust this bad boy open, a box-load of nostalgia and old gum await… along with Don Mattingly and Darryl Strawberry Rookie cards! Get yours for $474.95 HERE.