Greatest Pulls of All Time – 2020 Prizm Gold Vinyl Auto Joe Burrow

This week's Greatest Pulls of All Time features a 2020 Prizm Gold Vinyl Auto Joe Burrow!
Image courtesy of Filth Bomb.

Working his way to a Super Bowl appearance this weekend, Joe Burrow’s card values have risen with each W. Collectors are drooling over pulling a Burrow rookie card in each break of 2020 NFL products. Filth Bomb Breaks did a three-box break of 2020 Prizm in hopes of pulling out a rookie of the QB. Not only did they pull a Joe Burrow rookie – they pulled a MONSTER auto worth about as much as Shiesty’s chain.

This is a Gold Vinyl auto numbered to FIVE! How much is a card like this worth? Surely the prices are inflated as we gear up for the Bengals and Rams on Sunday, but there are two of the five cards known on eBay. One auction is a Buy-It-Now price at $359,999.99, and the other is up for bidding. As we type, there are 21 bids for $36,100 for the second auction.



Auction 2 ends on the day of the Super Bowl, just before kickoff, so we imagine the final price will be MUCH more than 36K. We’re not sure what THIS chain costs, but if it’s in the same ballpark as the chain Burrow got just before his rookie season started, we’re looking at $25,000 to $30,000. We’d ask which you’d rather have – the chain or the card, but we know you’re all about the card breaks!