The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 1.17.22

Don't skip our top 5 pulls of last week! We've got a 2021 Flawless Signatures Ruby Fernando Tatis Jr.

1. 2021 Flawless Signatures Ruby Fernando Tatis Jr.

I know that guy! Yes you do, Jaspy’s Case Breaks. From a 2021 Flawless baseball case, Jaspy’s pulled superstar Fernadno Tatis Jr. as one of the encased cards. The Tatis is an on-card auto Ruby variation that is numbered 4 of 20!

2. 2021 National Treasures Racing Suit Signatures Kyle Busch

National Treasures Racing just dropped on January 14th. If you’re a NASCAR fan, this product is the one you want! Layton Sports Cards did a break and pulled a Kyle Busch Racing Suit Signatures booklet which has a piece of the fire suit and Busch’s auto. We’re not sure if Terry was a Busch fan before the break, but he may be pulling for a new driver after pulling this awesome card.

3. 1995-96 Fleer Metal Maximum Metal Michael Jordan

A box of 1995-96 Fleer Metal has 1 Maximum Metal insert per box – that’s one in every 36 packs. The odds of pulling THE card you want, Michael Jordan, were thin. Vintage Breaks took us back to the 90’s and a time when die-cut cards were cutting edge, and they pulled James Phillips that very MJ Maximum Metal!

4. 2021 Flawless College Rookie Patch Auto Emerald Mac Jones /5

We know Mac Jones didn’t do as well as you would have hoped in the playoffs against the Bills, but he still had a great season and may finish second to in the Rookie of the Year voting. Blez did a break of 2021 Flawless College cards and pulled a Mac Jones RPA 3 out of 5. The patch is from the Senior Bowl, and you can see the Reese’s logo on it. This card is AWESOME! Blez said it’s one of the top five coolest cards he’s ever pulled.

5. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Cut Auto

The best for last. OH. MY. We repeat: OH. MY. Steel City Collectibles opened 2021 Topps Transcendent, which is probably the most expensive and top-of-the-line product you can get in on for card breaks. In each case comes an oversized cut auto, and Steel City pulled a dual auto of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. No words here.