Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 1.24.22

The best breaks to buy into next week are here! Check out our top 5 picks, like a 1989 Fleer Basketball Wax Pack.

1. 2021 Holiday Bench Warmer

If you’re still drooling over our Babe of Card Breaks Malorie Mackey, THIS is the break you want to be in. Bench Warmer is a company that makes cards with beautiful models (why didn’t you and I think of this?). Steel City Collectables got their hands on a 2021 Holiday Bench Warmer box. While a tad too late for a Christmas break, we’re sure you won’t mind once you see the cards. Each pack has 7 cards with a worn Santa swatch and Candy Cane auto. This is a four-box break and each spot will land you two cards from this rare set (only 99 cases produced) for $44.95 per spot HERE.

2. 2021 Upper Deck AEW

All Elite Wrestling has their first-ever card offering thanks to Upper Deck! The set has 100 base cards with tons of parallels, memorabilia cards, and autos. You can see the inaugural checklist here. Vintage Breaks has a by-the-pack break available from a hobby box. Each hobby box has 16 packs with 8 cards per pack and 47 total inserts. Autos will fall 1 in every 4 boxes with memorabilia cards in every other box. Chase Cody Rhodes, MJF, Sting, and more for $27.50 per spot HERE.

3. 2020 National Treasures Football

The playoff field is thinning! The deeper we go into the NFL playoffs, the more you want to break NFL cards; we’re reading your mind. One of the more affordable, high-end products in National Treasures. Each box has 1 pack of 8 cards, but there are 3 autographs and 3 memorabilia cards in that pack! Filth Bomb Breaks has a 2020 NT football box for a pick-your-team break at tiered pricing. We like the tiered pricing, as you may love a team that doesn’t have the “big rookies” and you can save money while chasing your favorite players. You may even find legendary players from your teams as well, like Barry Sanders, Troy Aikman, Lawrence Taylor, etc. You can pick your spot HERE.

4. 1989 Fleer Basketball Wax Pack

A guaranteed Michael Jordan in a pack? YES! This 1989 Fleer wax pack has 15 cards and 1 sticker. The sticker on top of the pack is The GOAT himself! You have a 1 in 16 chance to pull a pack-fresh MJ sticker. You’re never promised a PSA 10 at any point, but your best shot at the top grades would come from pack-fresh cards, right? The sticker in a 10 is worth $2,000+!  You can pick up a by-the-card spot from Just Rip It for $35 per spot HERE.

5. Fanatics Mystery Baseball

We miss baseball, too. Hopefully, the season will start on time! To tide you over until baseball is here, you can get your hands on a real ball – a signed mystery ball from Fanatics! Mojo Break has these mystery signed baseball in stock at $220 per ball. The site states each box has one autographed baseball “featuring Hall of Famers, All-Stars, top prospects and more!” Since there is only one ball in the box, this is a personal break and takes place on Tuesday. You can get your spot HERE. Let us know who you pull!