The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 1.10.22

Who's ready for the 5 most exciting hits from this week? Kick your feet up and let the countdown begin.

1. 2021 Elements Rookie Steel Signatures Trevor Lawrence Gold

While the Jacksonville Jaguars are nothing short of a dumpster fire, their QB is a bright spot for the team and collectors are still hunting big rookie cards of this number-one pick. Layton Sports Cards did a break of 2021 Elements and found a gold parallel /79 of Lawrence for one lucky customer! Hope the Jags can turn it around for you, and this card will soar in price.

2. 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Luka Doncic Award Winners Auto

Mojobreak opened 20-21 Immaculate and pulled an Award Winners /25 Luka Auto! CW is the new owner of this acetate auto in a pick-your-team break; great choice on your team selection! Just a jersey card from 2021 Immaculate is around $50, so an auto numbered to 25 should be worth far more than the break buy-in!

3. Larry Bird Signed Funko Pop

Not all breaks are just sports cards! Jaspy’s Case Breaks did a fun break of 2021 Gold Rush Shoe Box. Like when your parents did when you were kids, you put all of your cards or sports stuff in a shoebox. This box has 10 items, all hits. One of the hits from the box is a Larry Bird auto on a Funko Pop!

4. 1981 Topps Larry Bird

Speaking of Larry Legend, Vintage Breaks did a personal pack break for Larry Conger and pulled a pack-fresh, second-year Larry Bird card from 1981 Topps basketball. While not his rookie card, this Bird is highly-sought after as it’s his first solo card; Bird shared his rookie with Magic Johnson and Dr. J! A PSA 8 is worth about $165 while a 9 is over $900!

5. 2020 Panini XR Mac Jones 1 of 1 RPA

Is there anything more exciting in the hobby than pulling a 1 of 1? More so when it’s a big rookie card! Steel City Collectibles opened 2020 Panini XR football and pulled a MONSTER Mac Jones rookie card. A 1 of 1, signed, with three patches! A three-patch RPA of Jones numbered to 49 sold for $423 so this 1/1 is quite the hit – thousands, maybe.