The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 1.3.22

Who's ready for the 5 most exciting hits from this week? Kick your feet up and let the countdown begin.

1. 2021 Panini Immaculate Dominique Wilkins PUMP Relic

Remember rocking your Reebok Pumps? Before you took the court, you had to “pump” up your shoes like Dee Brown did in the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest!  Well, one of the greatest dunkers ever, Dominique Wilkins wore a pair and the actual pump was used as a relic on a 2021 Panini Immaculate card!  This is probably THE COOLEST relic card we’ve ever seen that was pulled by Daddy_Rips.


Note: this video is very, and we mean VERY not safe for work; lots of dirty words here. Don’t let your kids, boss, or small animals listen when you see this:

2. 2021 Panini National Treasures George Costanza

On par with the Wilkins Pump for possibly the coolest card ever comes a George Costanza relic! The Assistant to the Traveling Secretary for the New York Yankees on Seinfeld, Costanza rocked the pinstripes that are on this 2021 National Treasures card pulled by Vintage Breaks.  Sure, you’re chasing a Babe Ruth relic or Mike Trout auto from this product, but could either truly top a Costanza card?

3. 2021 Panini Impeccable Elegance Patch Auto Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the favorite to win the NFL MVP award this year (even if one voter isn’t putting his name down…). Mojobreak opened 2021 Impeccable and found a big pull of Rodgers with an Elegance auto patch numbered to seven!

4. 2021 Panini Impeccable Silver Bar Barry Sanders

From the same product comes a unique hit thanks to Layton Sports Cards. Impeccable has a case hit of a silver or gold bar card; an actual bar of precious metal IN the card. The Detroit Lions rarely have big pulls in newer products as the franchise typically doesn’t have much to offer, BUT in ‘21 Impeccable, there are legends like this Barry Sanders silver bar card!

5. 2020 Panini Flawless Flawless Signature Gems Platinum Tom Brady 1 of 1

The best for last! There simply are no words we can say. No adjective good enough to attach to this card. Mamba Cards broke 2020 Panini Flawless, and before cracking the sealed briefcase open, the breaker was “feeling a Brady.” Not just a Brady – THE Brady card you want. A one of one with real diamonds (yes, real diamonds) on the signed card. To give you an idea of value, the 2020 Flawless Tom Brady Super Bowl Gems sold for $68,760. We may have the pull of the year, and we’re only in January!


Now you can imagine, much like the Rebok Pump card, the breaker is very excited, so there is LOTS of cursing in this video; keep that in mind when the kiddies walk by.