Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 1.7.22

The New Year is upon us and we've got you covered with the top breaks to buy into.

1. 1980 Topps Basketball Wax Box with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson Bonus

A full box break, all 36 packs, from a sealed box of 1980-81 Topps basketball? Yes, please. Vintage Breaks has a special break of ‘80 Topps hoops for you to chase a pack-fresh rookie card of Larry Bird and Magic Jonson. A special bonus is being included as well in this break with another randomization of the names in the break, and the top bonus winner takes home a PSA 8 Magic-Bird rookie. Breaks are being sold by the card. With 36 packs in the box and 8 cards per pack, there are 288 total spots that you can buy into for $295 per spot HERE.

2. 2020 Historic Autographs Half Century Baseball

Each box of Historic Autographs Half Century Baseball will have 8 cards, all autographed! A box should contain 1 Hall of Fame player, so you have a nice shot at a well-known player’s auto. Every six-box case will also contain a BIG name with the likes of Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, or Ted Williams. You can see the product info here. Mojobreak has a full box break with a spot on sale from $649.99 down to $599.99 HERE.

3. 2005 Topps Finest Football

Before the NFL season started, we all wondered if Aaron Rodgers would still be on the Packers by Week 1. During the season, Rodgers created a bit of controversy with his vaccination status. Through the roller coaster ride, Rodgers is not only still a Packer, but he lead the team to another division title while putting up another HOF statline. Just Rip It luckily held onto a box of 2005 Topps Finest football, and is now offering spots in a box break. You can try and pull an Aaron Rodgers rookie card and maybe even his auto. Each box has 3 mini boxes per box, 6 packs in each mini box, and 5 cards in each pack. There should be 3 autos and 18 rookies in total! You can buy into the break at $225 per pack HERE.

4. 2021 Topps WWE Fully Loaded

Personal box breaks are nice if you really love a product! WIth the newest WWE card product, you’ll get that card all to yourself; there’s only one card in the box! The 2021 Topps WWE Fully loaded boxes are awesome if you love wrestling and pulling hits in card breaks. Every box has just one card – an encased auto. The checklist is filled with both current stars like Big E to legends like Bret The Hitman Hart. Layton Sports Cards has your breaks that can be ripped live on their YouTube or Instagram pages for $74.99 per box HERE.

5. 2021 Leaf Autographed Mini Helmet

We love finding the best breaks for you to buy into in the sports space, and this fits the bill! Jaspy’s Case Breaks is offering a break in 2021 Leaf Auto Mini Helmets. Each box has 1 autographed mini helmet. This is an 8-box case break, so 8 autos are going to be dished out. Jaspy’s is selling 16 total spots with each customer receiving two random teams per spot to account for all 32 teams. You may not land one of the 8 signed helmets, but with a lower price point of $59.99 per spot HERE, you’re not down much if you skunk, but could land a nice auto for cheap if you hit!