Celebrity Breaks – Chris Brown

We're back with our celebrity breaks! This week we’re featuring Chris Brown, Multi-Grammy Award Winner.

Chris Brown has racked up 19 Grammy Nominations and has sold 140 million albums worldwide. Breezy is taking a page from Quavo’s book and getting into card breaks himself!


Brown got into a personal box break of a 2019-20 NBA Prizm Hobby box. Breezy bought in at $5,000 per box. A Hobby box comes with 12 packs, 12 cards per pack, two autos, and 22 Prizms. When asked what Brown thinks of Ja Morant, his response was “MONSTER.” So naturally, what did he pull? How about a TRIFECTA of Ja Morant cards! Here are the clips of the Base, Silver, and then the Red Wave!

In a PSA 10, the Silver Ja is the most valuable of the three pulled, with the price being around $1,400 now.


If you want to see what else Chris Brown pulled from the the box, you can watch the whole video here. NOTE: it is Not Safe for Work (or kids):

We love seeing celebrities get into card breaks, and hope we’ll see more enjoying the hobby we all love!