The Best Pulls of the Week – 11.29.21

The best time of the day is officially here! We've got the Best Pulls of the Week coming your way.

1. 2021 National Treasures Babe Ruth Legendary Materials /3

Need we say more than the name Babe Ruth? Vintage Breaks broke a box of 2021 National Treasures baseball, and with the EXTRA card came a Legendary Materials booklet numbered 3 of 3, with four pieces of Babe Ruth’s game-worn materials. Oh. My.

2. 2021 Topps Five Star Mike Trout Silver Signatures /25

From the all-time baseball GOAT to the current. Jaspy’s Case Breaks did an eight-box, pick-your-team break of 2021 Topps Five Star this week, and pulled a Purple parallel /25 of a Mike Trout Silver Signatures auto. Trout was injured a great deal of the 2021 baseball season, but he’s still the player you want to pull in a card break.

3. 1979 Topps Wayne Gretzky Rookie closed for Thanksgiving, but we didn’t want you to miss on this huge Black Friday pull that Just Rip It has from 1979 Topps hockey: a pack-fresh Wayne Gretzky rookie card! We checked the PSA Pop report and there are only 127 non-qualifier PSA 9s and just two 10s known. Fingers crossed for this lucky customer!

4. 2021 Chronicles LeBron James Luminance Gold /10

Numbered LeBron James cards are always great pulls in a break! Filthbomb Breaks found a numbered LeBron in a break of 2021 Chronicles in the form of Luminance GOLD.  This James card is limited to 10. There are two copies on eBay right now – one is Buy-It-Now for $1,500, and the other is an auction with price of $255 already.

5. 2020 National Treasures Justin Herbert Auto /99

When the hit of the box isn’t “the hit” of the box, right? In National Treasures, you’re usually looking for RPAs or one of ones. Mojo Break pulled a sweet /99 Field Pass auto of Justin Herbert! Even without a patch on here and a card numbered to 99, the last three raw copies have sold for $750 on eBay! We’d take this pull over a laundry tag of a lesser player all day.