Greatest Pulls of All Time – Zion Rookie Logoman

We're back with the Greatest Pulls of All Time, and this week we have a $500,000 Zion Williamson Logoman Patch Auto Card!

FINALLY, the modern basketball unicorn has surfaced! Panini National Treasures Basketball is a high-end product with big hits. One of the most popular hits is a one of one patch auto, with the patch being the Logoman from the player’s uniform. When the 2019 product surfaced, EVERYONE wanted the Zion Williamson card, but the whereabouts remained a mystery – until this week.


When the 2019-20 Panini National Treasures were released, nearly every hoops collector was on the Zion train. All eyes were on the Zion Logoman, so much so that Blowout even put a bounty on the card of $500,000! The cards were released on June 12th, 2020 with a box configuration of 1 pack, 10 cards per pack, and 8 of those cards being autographs or memorabilia cards. With the Zion Bounty, boxes on the secondary market were easily reaching $10,000. How coveted are these Logoman cards, and is half of a million dollars too much money to pay for Zion’s? For comparison, the Luka Doncic rookie Logoman sold for 4.6 MILLION dollars.


Over 500 days later, the Zion Logoman has surfaced during a break in China! Here is the video:

Here is to hoping you pull a monster like this in your next break!