Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 11.29.21

Our top 5 picks are in, and we've got you covered for the Best Breaks to Buy Into this week!

1. 2018 Topps Baseball Holiday Pack

Now that Thanksgiving is over, you have the holidays on the mind! This break serves two great purposes – a gift for a card collector or something fun for you. Holiday cards aren’t as valuable as the flagship product, but it’s just pure joy around the holidays. In the 2018 box, you can hunt for Shoehi Ohtani and Ronald Aucuna Jr. for $27.50 per pack with Vintage Breaks HERE.

2. 1980 Topps Basketball Pack

How would you like to try and pull a pack-fresh Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rookie card?  Both Hall-of-Famers are on the same card, along with the legendary Dr. J in 1980 Topps basketball. Just Rip It has a pack break, by the card, for $325 per card HERE. Even in a PSA 8, the last copy sold for $6,250!

3. 2021 Panini Football XR

The newest NFL product drops on Wednesday, December 1st – Panini Football XR. There are two packs per box and seven cards per pack. In each box, you should find 2 autos, 1 memorabilia pack, and 2 rookies. Jaspy’s Case Breaks is doing a pick-your-team break at tiered prices in a seven-box break. These breaks are nice if you’re a fan of a team that doesn’t win a lot of games (sorry, Detroit Lions), and you can get your spot for $39.99, where a team like the Jaguars to chase Tevor Lawrence is $219.99. Grab your spots HERE.

4. 2021 Prizm NBA and Steph Curry Signed Jersey

Steel City Collectibles has a nice mixer with a 2021 NBA Prizm Retail box, along with a signed jersey from Steph Curry! You’re buying into the retail box that has 24 packs which should have 1 auto and 12 Prizms. The break is by division, so there are a total of six spots. After the break, Steel City will randomize all six spots five times, and the winner receives a signed Steph Curry jersey!  One out of 6 chances for a sweet jersey sounds like a nice buy, with spots costing $164.95 HERE.

5. 2021 Leaf Autographed NFL Helmet

Wait, what? A signed helmet!? We checked, and Mojobreak IS indeed offering a personal break with a signed NFL helmet. There is even a sale price of $289.99 (from $329.99) for a 2021 full-sized (not a mini!) helmet HERE. That price for a signed helmet seems great even without an auto… You can see the impressive checklist of players you could pull HERE.