Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 11.22.21

Ready, set, go! We've got you covered with the top breaks to buy into.

1. 2020 Select Football Hobby

After seeing Blez pull a Gold RPA of Justin Herbert last week, we want to come back for seconds on this fine Thanksgiving week! A pick-your-team at tiered pricing is available for 2020 Select in a Hobby Box. What makes this break a Top Buy this week is Blez handing out the Chargers (Herbert’s team) for FREE to someone in the break! The Chargers are reserved and will be randomed off to someone in the break. Imagine buying the Panthers at $19 and landing the Chargers as a prize! You can buy your spots HERE.

2. 1989 Score Football

Sticking with the Thanksgiving theme, what is more synonymous with Turkey Day football games than the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys? The Lions are about to play their 72nd game on Thanksgiving, and the Cowboys have played on the holiday every year besides 1975 and 1977 all the way since 1966. Ripping Vintage Wax has a 1989 Score wax pack break for $48 HERE. You may pull pack-fresh rookies of Barry Sanders, Troy Aikman, Micahel Irvin, and Deion Sanders. A PSA 10 Barry Sanders rookie is around $1,400!

3. 2021 National Treasures Baseball

National Treasures is a high-end product that could bring BIG hits, like 12-Signature Booklet that Jaspy’s Case Breaks pulled last week. With the final MLB awards wrapping up (congrats to Ohtani and Harper on their MVP awards!), you may need a baseball break to keep your MLB juices flowing until Spring Training. A box of NT has 8 cards, and all of them are autograph or memorabilia cards. Steel City Collectables is doing a serial-numbered break at $249.95 per spot HERE on Monday afternoon.

4. 1996 Topps Finest Basketball Series 2

A Kobe Bryant pack-fresh rookie refractor would be HUGE! Vintage Breaks has a sealed Hobby box of 1996 Topps Finest Series 2 that contains 24 packs with 6 cards per pack. You can buy a pack in the break for $250 HERE. Series 2 holds the Kobe rookie, so you’ll be chasing not just the base, but there are bronze (common), silver, and gold parallels, too. Silver cards fall every fourth pack, and gold is one per box. The refractors are tougher, as the bronze refractor is 1:12 packs, silver refractor is every other box, and gold refractor is the case hit at 1:288 packs. If you land that Gold Refactor Kobe, though – sky’s the limit. Last BGS 9 without coating was $10,100 and a PSA 9 with the coating was $26,999.

5. MLB 4-Box Mixer

Mojo Break has a nice mixer of baseball with a pick-your-team, tiered pricing. In the mixer is:

• 1 Box of 2021 Inception

• 7 cards per box with 1 auto or relic and 2 parallels 

• 1 Box of 2021 Diamond Kings Hobby

• 12 packs per box with 8 cards per pack and 1 auto + 1 memorabilia 

• 1 Box of 2021 Chronicles Hobby

• 6 packs per box with 8 cards per pack and 3 autos + 1 memorabilia 

• 1 Box of 2021 Triple Threads

• 2 packs per box with 7 cards per pack with 2 autos + 2 relics

The Triple Threads is the higher-end product. You can see what the product looks like in our Best Pulls of the Week from last week, with a nice Ken Griffey Jr auto-relic! You can pick your team and spots HERE.