Greatest Pulls of All Time – 1960 Topps Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente

In this edition of Greatest Pulls of All Time, we have two of baseball's most cherished icons, 1960s Topps Hank Aaron and Roberto Clement!

Since 1960, this Topps baseball cello pack hadn’t been opened since the day it rolled off the production line at the factory. For 61 years, the cards inside have remained a mystery – until last week. What was inside all this time blew our minds!


Vintage Breaks offered spots to you in the ‘61 Cello pack. There are 12 cards in the pack that originally set you back just a dime back in the day. A full set contains 572 cards, so the odds of pulling a superstar card with 12 chances are tough, but any pack-fresh card from 1960 that grades well would still be a nice pull! Not only did one superstar card defy the odds – TWO did.

With the pack-fresh Johnny Unitas on top of the Brown rookie, everyone had eyes on Johnny U. PSA has never assigned a 10 to a Units card either, and there are just 8 cards graded PSA 9. In the middle of explaining that the last Units PSA 9 sold for $8,300, everyone in the room realized what was under Unitas! The last PSA 9 for Brown sold for $336,000! This copy is a little off-center, so it wouldn’t be 9. But still, what a pack! 


In the same pack, back-to-back, you see Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown, putting this break on the Greatest Pulls of All Time list for certain!

Hank Aaron in the pack! The legendary Hammer was just 26 years old on this card and only smacked 179 of his 755 career homers.


As the breaker, J5, made his way through the pack, THIS happened:

Roberto Clemente led his Pittsburgh Pirates over the New York Yankees for the World Series championship in 1960; what a beautiful card.


If you want to see the entire pack break, you can see the video HERE.


There are ZERO PSA 10s known on the PSA pop report for a 1960 Topps Hank Aaron or Roberto Clemente. These two pulls above don’t appear they’ll make the first ten, but they are pack-fresh and ready to be graded. Maybe PSA 8s? Only a few of each card graded 9s and 8s exist, too. What do you think each will grade?


These two big pulls remind us of the 1958 Topps football pack that had both a Jim Brown rookie and a Johnny Unitas card in the same pack! You can see that pull HERE.