Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 11.15.21

Don’t miss this! We’ve rounded up the top breaks to buy into this week.

1. 1989 Fleer Basketball Pack with Michael Jordan Sticker on Top

A pack of 1989 Fleer basketball is a good deal on its own. A full pack normally runs about $20 to $25 before tax and shipping, and a PSA 10 Michael Jordan has consistently been selling for about $1,200 on eBay recently. You’re never guaranteed a PSA 10, but your best chance has to be a pack-fresh card, right? What’s guaranteed in this break from Just Rip It is a Michael Jordan sticker card; it’s on top of the pack! Even in a PSA 9, the MJ sticker is worth about $200. There are 16 total cards in the break, sticker included, and each spot is $37.50 HERE.

2. 2011 Topps Update Baseball Pack

The card you want to pull from 2011 Topps Update baseball is Mike Trout’s Rookie card. A PSA 10 base Trout Rookie card is just under $3,000 right now, and a PSA 9 is about $1,000. When you get into variations of the Trout rookie such as Diamond, Cognac, Gold, etc., you’re looking at a nice card. Vintage Breaks has a full Hobby Box break of 36 packs for $425 per pack HERE. A PSA-graded 9 pack on eBay sold for $441 last month to give you a price comparison. High risk, but high reward here!

3. 2020-21 Prizm Basketball Fast Break Pick-Your-Team

Nothing beats a sale price on the top basketball box around. Blez Brothers is offering a pick-your-team at tiered pricing in a two-box break of 2020-21 Prizm Fast Break. There are 18 packs per box, 5 cards per pack. On average, you’ll have 1 auto, 12 prizms, 6 inserts, and 1 rookie variation in each box. If you’re looking to collect for your PC, the tiered pricing is nice. Perhaps you’re a Pacers fan – you’d enjoy the $13 buy-in. If you want to hunt LaMelo Ball, the Hornets would be $349. You can pick your spots HERE.

4. 2020-21 Topps Chrome Steve Aoki Neon Future UEFA Champions League Pack

Steve Aoki teamed up with Topps to put his touch on the Chrome UEFA cards, somewhat like Ben Baller did for the baseball set. The boxes are sold out on the Topps website, but luckily Steve’s company, The Coffee Breakers, has packs you can break on the site. Each pack should have 4 cards, and you’re looking for parallels like Neon Future, Aqua, or even the 1 of 1 SuperFractor of your favorite player. You can get your spot for $20 HERE.

5. 2021 Leaf Signed Football Jersey

This is too cool to pass up! Mojo Break is doing a JERSEY box break. In each box of Leaf 2021 Jersey is a mystery autographed football jersey. If you love just the hits, this box is for you; you’re going to take home a signed jersey! You can buy a spot HERE for $129.99. Looks like the original box price was $126.99 according to Cardboard Connection (where you can find a checklist, too), so for a breaker to only upcharge three bucks is a great deal for you. Perhaps you’ll hit something nice to frame and hang in your cave!