Greatest Pulls of All Time – Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown Rookie

The next edition of Greatest Pulls of All Time is here featuring two football legends, Jimmy Brown and John Unitas.

What’s more incredible: finding a sealed pack of Topps football cards from 1958, or pulling not one, but TWO legendary Hall of Fame players from that same pack? That happened during a break at Just Rip It!


We love the intro on this pull. Steam is misting; the Undertaker’s music hits. Out of a box, Charles Parrino of JRI pulls out a PSA-graded 1958 Topps football Cello pack!


PSA has graded just 365 of these Cello packs according to the pop report. Right now, a single pack can be purchased on eBay for around $6,000 to $7,500. Each Cello pack holds 12 cards. There are a total of 132 cards in the set, with the big hit being Jim Brown’s rookie card. There are ZERO PSA 10’s known for Brown’s rookie card, and just 6 cards graded PSA 9. Even in poor condition, a PSA 1 can bring in $700 on the low end for a Brown rookie. While that’s the card that JRI was looking to pull in the break, Charles was so distracted with the first card that he almost missed the Brown!

With the pack-fresh Johnny Unitas on top of the Brown rookie, everyone had eyes on Johnny U. PSA has never assigned a 10 to a Units card either, and there are just 8 cards graded PSA 9. In the middle of explaining that the last Units PSA 9 sold for $8,300, everyone in the room realized what was under Unitas! The last PSA 9 for Brown sold for $336,000! This copy is a little off-center, so it wouldn’t be 9. But still, what a pack! 


In the same pack, back-to-back, you see Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown, putting this break on the Greatest Pulls of All Time list for certain!