The Best Pulls of the Week – 10.25.21

Kick up your feet – it’s Friday and The Best Pulls of the Week are here.

1. 2019 Certified Basketball Luka Doncic Camo Auto /25

A customer named Bennet Page bought a personal box of 2019 Panini Certified basketball from Vintage Breaks, and keeping all of the packs to himself really paid off this week! A Camo auto /25 of Luka Dončić was pulled in the break! Two autos were guaranteed in the box, which has 10 packs and 5 cards per pack, but to land a star like Luka… we can see why the breaker, S10, was floored!

2. 2021 Bowman Transcendent John Wayne Auto 1/1

Wait – John Wayne? Yes, the DUKE himself. We pointed out a box that was available a few weeks ago for you to get in on. This week, Jaspy’s Case Breaks busted a box of their own. The contents are ridiculous! Here is what comes in a box:


• 1 complete set of base cards (50 total cards)

• 30 Autographs numbered to 20 or fewer and includes two 1/1 cards

• 1 1989 Bowman Superfractor Auto that is a 1/1

• 1 Bowman Icons Deco Gold Auto 1/1

• 1 Through the Years Autograph of either Alec Bohm or Wander Franco 1/1

• 1 Oversized Cut Auto 1/1

• VIP Event Invitation


We don’t think there were any losers in the break, but the top spot has to go to the oversized cut auto! JOHN WAYNE. Holy moly. That’s just an auto you don’t see everyday.

3. 2021 Topps Five Star Logo Patch Auto J.T. Realmuto 1/1

Last week, we saw a 1/1 SWOOSH get pulled from 2021 Topps Five Star. This week, Filthbomb Breaks found a customer another awesome 1/1! An MLB logo patch auto of J.T. Realmuto. The insert set is a Jumbo Prime Relic. The inserts are usually /25, but Topps inserted sick patches like the logo and limited those to just one. You can hear the breakers laughing, because they joked just before opening this pack that they may pull a 1/1. Called. The. Shot.

4. 2021 Absolute Football Rookie Premier Quad Relic Auto /25

The Rookie Premier autos come 1 per box in 2021 Absolute, and Layton Sports Cards pulled #1 NFL pick Trevor Lawrence in the QAUD relic! Looks like there are two jersey patches, a football, and another piece in the window. What’s better than an RPA? One that has FOUR “P”s in there.

5. 2021 Upper Deck Marvel Black Diamond Chadwick Boseman Shards Relic

If you’re a fan of the MCU, THIS break is just incredible. Steel City Collectables did a break with Marvel Black Diamond and found a Diamond Relic Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther – Tunic. With Spider-Man: No Way Home out in December this year, Marvel cards may see an uptick in breaks, and what better card for this lucky customer to own than the late Chadwick Boseman.