The Most Impressive Unopened Finds Pt. 2

We’re back with another exciting case of vintage treasures finally unearthed! Welcome to part 2 of the Most Impressive Unopened Finds!

Remembering buying rack packs as a kid? Those three-pocketed packs of Topps cards that were hanging on a hook in your local store. For about 39 cents, you could take home 42 cards and maybe a glossy all-star card of your favorite player. Now, imagine never opening that pack, only to find it nearly 50 years later. Thankfully for Eddie Healy of Baltimore, his late father knew to keep those packs from his youth sealed up. A new entry into the Most Impressive Unopened Finds is a batch of 23 sealed Topps baseball rack packs from 1974!


1974 Topps baseball has 660 cards to the set. The big card is a rookie of Hall-of-Famer, Dave Winfield at card #456. You can find other stars in the set, like Hank Aaron (#1), Johnny Bench (#10), Nolan Ryan (#20), Reggie Jackson (#130), Al Kaline (#215), Mike Schmidt (#283), and Pete Rose (#300).


Healy inherited 23 sealed rack packs of ‘74 Topps from his father. THREE packs have a Dave Winfield rookie! The PSA pop report lists just 10 Winfield rookies earning a grade of PSA 10, so these racks would tempt us to rip like there’s no tomorrow! One pack has Mick Schmidt on top, while another has Reggie Jackson on the back. Eddie knew of the packs as he’d seen them before, but one day as he was reorganizing, he thought the packs may be worth something.


The packs were sold at auction with REA. The pack with Reggie Jackson on the back sold for $1,260. Mike Schidt on top sold for $3,000. A pack with the Dave Winfield rookie on the back sold for $1,860. It looks like the total sales were around $27,000. Not a bad ROI on that $8.97 spent in 1974!