Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 10.25.21

We know you’ve been waiting – here are The Top Breaks of The Week.

1. 2021 Topps Five Star Baseball

The World Series starts on Tuesday, and with that SWOOSH card of Contreras pulled last week, we know you’re in the mood to break Five Star! This product just dropped on the 20th, so big hits are still lurking. Each box should contain 1 pack of 2 cards, both autographed. With every card in the box being a hit, any card you pull is a win. Blez is offering an 8-box break, pick-your-team at tiered pricing. The pricing helps when you’re a fan of a team that may not have huge rookies or major stars; the buy price is cheaper. YES there is a chance you’ll skunk in the break. With 16 total cards and 32 MLB teams, you may even see cards from the same team being pulled multiple times. However, if you hit, you hit! You can see the checklist and inserts available here. That Yankees card signed by Jeter, Rivera, Judge, Pettitte, and Torres looks NICE. You can get your spots from Blez HERE.

2. 2019-20 Prizm Fanatics Exclusive Box

NBA season is taking flight and hoops fever is high. That double-OT thriller between the Celtics and the Knicks last week got us PUMPED, too. For 2019-20, Fanatics released an exclusive box of Prizm cards featuring Green Ice Prizms that you could only pull out of their Prizm boxes. It would be like seeing the different parallels being a Walmart box and a Target box. Jaspy’s Case Breaks happens to have a personal Fanatics Prizm box available at $699.99. The box comes with 12 packs per box and 4 cards per pack. The price is expensive, but a raw Green Ice Zion sold last week for $799.99. You can get your box HERE.

3. 1981 Topps Football Cello Pack

For a less expensive break with a big upside, Vintage Breaks has spots in a 1981 Topps football cello pack. Here is where you can hunt a pack-fresh Joe Montana rookie! Each cello pack has 12 cards. A PSA 9 Montana sold for about $2,200 this month! Even this PSA 3 sold for around $60. This break is by the card, so you’re guaranteed to get a card from the pack – no skunk here. Could you land the GOAT? You can try with a spot HERE.

4. 2021 Leaf Ultimate Sport

If you are still drooling over the Mount Rushmore Soccer card from 2021 Leaf Ultimate Sport we showed you last week like we are, don’t miss your own chance at landing an awesome pull! Mojo has a box available on their site for $389.99. With that price you’ll get 3 cards, all of which are either autos or relics, including this card from the checklist: TO-01 Mickey Mantle / Willie Mays / Ted Williams / Gil Hodges / Babe Ruth / Harmon Killebrew / Frank Robinson / Joe DiMaggio #/ 7. Can you imagine pulling that card?! You can get your box HERE. What’s not love when every card is a hit?

5. Pokémon Celebrations Box

The newest Pokémon release is celebrating 25 years, and is a hot item right now. We’re guessing you can’t find a box at your local Walmart or Target, and the sites are out of stock. The Celebrations box (NOT the Elite Trainer box) retails for $19.98 and has 4 Celebrations packs and 2 additional packs. The PokéBreakers are a part of The Coffee Breakers, and have tons of Pokemon breaks available. The Dark Sylveon V boxes are available for $40 HERE, while the Lance’s Charizard V is $50 HERE. If you want to stay closer to retail, you can opt for the Dragapult Prime box ,which has fewer packs (2 Celebrations pack and 1 additional pack) for $30 HERE.