Greatest Pulls of All Time – Dual Diamond Autographs

Are you ready for The Greatest Pulls of All Time? We’re featuring an autographed Topps Dual Diamond booklet with none other than Phil Hughes.

Phil Hughes’ name may ring a bell – he spent over 10 years in the bigs, made an all-star team, and won a World Series. After a successful baseball career, Phil ventured into card breaks! On his channel, Phil’s Pulls, a customer snagged the AL West in a Topps Diamond Icons break and landed this GEM of a card!

Oh. My. We’ve seen cards get pulled with autographs, pieces of bats, or jerseys – even shoes. But these are REAL diamonds on the card!


This is a booklet, one of one, dual auto, with TWO diamonds of Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Trout. These two legendary Center Fielders combine for 940 home runs, 4 MVP awards, and 21 All-Star games, and Trout is only 30 years old! It’s amazing enough that each has signed the card, but now add in a pair of diamonds? We’re not sure there’s a more valuable one of one out there. We did find a solo Trout card with a diamond and an auto on eBay HERE for four grand.


You can follow Phil’s Pulls to see what his next monster will be on his Twitter and YouTube.