The Best Pulls of the Week – 10.11.21

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for the Best Pulls of the Week.

1. 2021 Diamond Icons Derek Jeter Preeminent Pieces Relics Glove 2/10

2021 Topps Diamond Icons is a very high-end box, and with it comes high-end hits! Jaspys did a pick-your-team break in a box that holds 10 total cards, with 7 autographs, 2 autographed relics, and 1 relic card. All eyes were on this break as the box’s relic card was pulled – a GLOVE card of Derek Jeter! You can actually see “The Captain” on the glove, too. Best part? The card is numbered 2/10 – Jeter’s jersey number!

2. 1990 Topps Joe Sakic Rookie Card

The best pulls aren’t always the most expensive card. Sometimes we have fun, nostalgic pulls, or even pulls that offer a great ROI like this 1990 Joe Sakic rookie. A pack of ‘90 Topps hockey sets you back around three bucks. However, when you pull a mint Sakic rookie, you can turn that three bucks into around $70 for a PSA 9 copy. That’s what this customer is hoping for after landing one over at Ripping Vintage Wax.

3. 1996 Bowman’s Best Kobe Bryant Rookie

The NBA season tips off in just a few days, so hoops are HOT breaks right now. What’s hotter than breaking Kobe Bryant rookie-year products? Vintage Breaks did a pack break from a full box, and customer Michael Jordan took home a pack-fresh Kobe rookie! Yes, the customer’s name is seriously Michael Jordan…

4. 2021 Origins Trey Lance Auto /99

Trey Lance made his first career NFL start last weekend against the Cardinals. While the 49ers took a loss, so has every other opposing QB to the 5-0 Cards. In his first start, Lance threw for 192 yards and rushed for another 89. A sprained knee may keep him out of action for a bit, but collectors are still searching for big hits! One such hit was in this box of Origins that Filth Bomb opened, a product that features Lance right on the cover.

5. 2020 Limited Dan Marino Auto /20

From a rookie to a legend. Mojo opened a box of 2020 Panini Limited with a seven-box break, random team. The lucky person to land the Dolphins in the break scored big with a Ring of Honor 4/20 on-card auto! It’s not a jersey number, BUT Marino did end up with 420 career passing TDs.