The Best Pulls of the Week – 9.27.21

The Best Pulls of the Week countdown is coming in hot.

1. Metal Moments 16/25 Joe Montana Autograph

If you’ve never heard of a “jersey number” insert, this is a prime example and one of the best to hit! When you pull a limited card, getting the number of that card to match the jersey number of the player is huge! BLEZ broke 2021 Panini Elements football and found a lucky customer a Metal Moments card, limited to 25, and the card number was 16 of 25 – that is the jersey number of the gentleman that inked his name in the card: JOE MONTANA!

2. Panini Prizm Negative Joe Burrow

After a nice three TD performance against the Steelers last Sunday, any Bengal fan would have been thrilled to pull this Joe Burrow rookie during the week! The Coffee Breakers pulled a Negative (black and white) Prizm RC of the Bengals QB.

3. Limited Jalen Green Jersey Auto /99

We’re only a few weeks away from the new NBA season tipping off, and you’re on the hunt for rookie cards from the 2021 draft class. Mojobreak opened Chronicles Draft this week, and pulled the number two pick for the Rockets, Jalen Green, on an RPA from Limited.

4. Panini Flawless Mo Bamba Patch Auto /5

Mo Bamba may not be. the biggest name you’d like to pull out of a high-end product such as Flawless that Jaspy’s Case Breaks opened, but this hit is such a cool card, we had to share! The patch is the Disney logo! Based on other /5 Flawless sales, this *might* be valued around $100, but it’s too awesome not to share. Best pulls aren’t always the most valuable!

5. 2021 Obsidian LaMelo Ball Electric Etch Auto

Speaking of the NBA… It’s not always thrilling when you pull a redemption card in a break, BUT that just builds the anticipation as you wait for your hit to come! That makes mail day much more special. Steel City Collectables did a break of Obsidian basketball that just released on the 29th, and already pulled the heat! This redemption card is for a LaMelo Ball Rookie Jersey Auto Electric Etch: