Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 9.27.21

Put your money where your mouth is and check out the top breaks to buy into this week.

1. 1999 Topps Pokémon TV Animation Series 1

More than just nostalgia here – these early Pokémon cards can bring nice value! Hard to beat a break that is affordable, fun, and could turn a profit. These 1999 TV Animation Series 1 packs have a foil card, and a Charizard foil is HOT. A PSA 10 sold for $2,315. Vintage Breaks pulled a pack-fresh foil Charizard that you can see HERE. A spot in this Pokémon break is $15 per card HERE.

2. 2020 A Word from the President

We love to find all of the best breaks for you, and not all are sports-related! There is fun to be had in a variety of breaks (and even better if there is joy and profit together!) including Pokémon – as we just mentioned – as well as Star Wars, or breaks outside of the “Big 4 sports,” like Formula 1. Today we see a cool break that involves Presidents! Steel City Collectables is doing a 10-box break of A Word from the President, 2020 edition. For $179.95, you’ll receive two boxes in the break. Each box contains a letter or word that was hand-written by a President of the United States, as well as a second card with an archive (a document handled by the President). If you’re into history, this break is awesome. You may also get lucky and snag a full signature from a President as they are inserted 1 in every 5 cases. Grab a spot HERE.

3. 2021 Panini Gold Standard Football

We’re rolling now in football season, and you’ve got the itch to pull a hot football card! Blez has 2021 Panini Gold Standard available with a four-box, pick-your-team break. The team prices are tiered, so if you’re a fan of a team (how can we put this nicely…) that doesn’t win many games or have the top rookies, you can actually score nicely at a cheaper cost. The Detroit Lions are $39 and the Jaguars for Trevor Lawrence chasing is $369. There are 7 cards per box with 5 autographs or relics, and 2 base cards or parallels. The Golden Shield Signatures are NICE; a big hit if you pull one. Here is the Kyler Murray 1/1 that was pulled. HERE is where you can pick-your-team for the break!

4. 2021 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Random Team

The playoffs are on the horizon, and you’re ready for Fall ball! The 2021 Topps Museum Collection has 20 total cards. There are 4 mini boxes, with 5 cards per mini box. You should see 1 on-card auto, 1 autographed relic, 1 relic, and 1 quad relic. There are also 4 parallel cards. The Break Exchange is doing a one-box break with 3 random teams for $49.99 HERE. This is another break where you may not score a card, but you’re not out much when the buy-in is under $50. You have an inexpensive shot at getting one of those four hits. Maybe you’ll even land an auto relic like this Vladamir Guerror Jr.

World Champion Breaks

5. World Champion Breaks

Pretty vague on this one; we know. The site is owned by current MLB pitcher, Kyle McGowin. An injury just ended McGowin’s pitching duties for the season, but he’s now focused on breaking for you more frequently. What’s cooler than a pitcher pulling your cards? This week there have been breaks with the new 2021 Donruss Optic as a pick-your-team, the same for 2021 Donruss Football Hobby, as well as new Chrome baseball, and more. You can get all of the prices and info on their Facebook or Instagram page. We see a lot of new products, all sports, and a pro pitcher that could end up breaking your spot!