The Best Pulls of the Week – 9.20.21

It’s time. Get ready for the 5 best pulls of the week.

1. 2017 NFL Primz Pink Auto Patrick Mahomes

Remember when WE TOLD YOU that buying into the 2017 Panini Prizm Target Exclusive Retail box at Jaspys Case Breaks for $74.95 per spot. Did you get in on the break? We hope so! With any luck, you got the Chiefs as your random team, and you took home THIS MONSTER:

A BGS 9.5/10 sold this month for $7,400. We know a lot of luck is involved in breaks; wax pack gods need to be on your side. However, this is why we research the Top Breaks to Buy Intoso you have the chance at pulls like this!

2. 1977 Topps Star Wars Darth Vader

Are there any bad cards in a 1977 Star Wars pack break? We think not! However, your day gets a little better when a big character comes out of the pack. Ripping Vintage Wax had a break of Series 3 (purple wrapper) this week. The Series 3 packs are more affordable than the Series 1 (black wrapper), but the cards in the third series can still bring nice value. Card #183 was in this particular pack, which is Darth Vader! A pack-fresh Vader should hopefully grade well. There are currently only 96 PSA 9s on the pop report and just 12 PSA 10s.

3. 2021 WNBA Prizm Charli Collier Gold Prizm /10

The number one pick in the WNBA Draft, Charli Collier, put up 12.7 ppg and 8.7 rbp while leading the Dallas Wings to the playoffs this season. The card prices reflect Charli’s fine rookie season, as a Green Pulsar /25 sold for $500 on 9/18. What do you think this GOLD /10 that Mojobreak pulled will sell for!?

4. 2020 NBA Prizm LeBron James Red White and Blue

Perhaps one of the coolest cards in the 2020 NBA Prizm set is the LeBron James – Kobe Bryant Tribute Dunk card. A bonus pack from a Fat Pack, Vintage Breaks pulled the Red, White, and Blue parallel version of the LeBron dunk! A raw copy is hovering around $80, and this is one of the coolest LeBron Cards around.

5. 2021 Topps Finest Flashbacks Randy Arozarena Orange Auto /10

The 2021 Topps Finest cards pay homage to the 1994 Finest design; we love the nostalgia! Houdini over at Cheap Fun Breaks did a break that benefited a charitable foundation, and pulled an Orange Auto of Randy Arozarena 7/10! Maybe you’d rather see Mike Trout, but in a break that benefits charity and tugs at our 1994 heart strings, we love it.