Celebrity Breaks – Quavo

In our latest celebrity breaks, we’re featuring Quavo from Migos.

Quavo’s agent and jeweler were on FaceTime while in Kaboom USA, and once the rapper saw what the card shop had to offer from his phone, he brought his entire entourage into the shop to see the goods in person.


Sports are no stranger to Quavo; he’s a regular in the NBA All-Star Celebrity games and even won the MVP award in 2018. Just last month, Quavo took some hacks in the MLB Celebrity Softball game, too. Quavo can shine in the game, but can he pull heat during a break? Let’s watch him open up a box of 2019-20 Optic Contenders! The box has 1 pack, 6 cards, and retails for around $650. Quavo has a very unique break technique, too.

We love how Quavo breaks his box. He opens the pack, places the cards back into the box, and then one-by-one takes the cards back out of the box before placing each onto the table. Maybe Quavo is starting a new trend, because his hit was a redemption for a Tyler Herro auto of a Rookie Variation Season Ticket Red /149. If we get nice hits, we’ll put our cards back into the box, too.


You can see that Quavo enjoys seeing his cards by placing each carefully down on the table, next to each other. How much longer until Quavo needs to go to Breakaholics Anonymous? We aren’t sure what he’s planning on doing with his cards, but if he ever wants to pull off a big trade, Snoop Dogg has been known to offer his vintage cars in trade for sports cards!