The Best Pulls of the Week – 9.13.21

The best pulls of the week have landed.

1. Trevor Lawerence Prizm Draft Auto /149

If you’re buying into NFL breaks for current products, you’re most likely hoping to hit big cards of the top rookies. A lucky customer did just that over at Mojobreak this week in a 2021 Prizm Draft buy, pulling a Blue Variation Auto from #1 pick, Trevor Lawrence.

2. Paul Goldschmidt 2021 Topps Diamond Icons Cleat 1/1

2021 Topps Diamond Icons rarely disappoints. It’s a high-end box loaded with incredible cards. Jaspys opened a box during a break that had several nice hits, but the last spot in the break took home one of the coolest cards: a one of one CLEAT card from Paul Goldschmidt. Look at the size of this thing; not sure you can even find a toploader big enough! The true name for the hit is a 1 of 1 Spike Parallel. Sidenote: did you call your baseball shoes “spikes” or “cleats?” Let us know!

3. Foil Charizard from 1999 Topps Pokémon

Not every hit is sports-themed! We love ALL card breaks. This non-sport hit from Vintage Breaks came when customer Jace pulled a FOIL Charizard from a 1999 Topps Pokémon TV Animation. The last raw card on eBay sold for $200, and a nicely-graded version could earn double that.

4. 2021 Donruss Downtown Baker Mayfield

Donruss Football released on 9/8 and is still one of the newest football products to buy. A less expensive product to get into, too! If you’re breaking Donruss, the card you want is a Downtown Insert – they are SSP! On the 9th, Filthbomb Breaks found a Baker Mayfield Downtown in a pack. These case hits do well, and a copy of this same Baker card sold for $600 on the 11th.

5. Ja’Marr Chase Panini Shield Auto 1/1

Blez pulled another HOT card this week. Top draft pick, Ja’Marr Chase, not only signed this Panini Black card, but it sports the NFL shield! NICE RPA from the Bengals’ rookie wide receiver. Last week, the one of one Rookie Influx of Chase was pulled, and this week the shield!