Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 9.13.21

Don’t know which breaks to buy into this week? We have you covered.

1. 2021 NFL Panini Black

Panini Black released on 9/3, making the pack available at just the right time; the NFL season started last Thursday! Week 1 is in the books, and you’re already looking to pull the latest cards. There are 200 cards in the set, 100 of which are the rookies (you can find the checklist here), so the odds of a rookie in your break are pretty good. Each box contains 1 pack of 5 cards. Mojo Break is offering random team breaks for $99 which is on sale from the original price of $112.99! New product loaded with rookies, and it’s on sale? Yes, please. Check the football breaks page HERE and look for the Panini Black breaks!

2. 2021 WNBA Panini Prizm

The WNBA Playoffs are set to start on 9/23, and we know that playoff basketball spikes card prices. Panini Prizm is the most sought-after product that isn’t super high-end, and the WNBA cards just hit shelves a few days ago on 9/8. On Tuesday, Layton Sports Cards is offering a three-box, random team break from Hobby boxes for $74.99 a spot HERE. Each box has 12 packs with 12 cards per pack, and inserts galore. A hobby box would have 2 autographs, 22 Prizms, and 10 inserts per box. Excellent chance at a lot of cards here!

3. 2021 Topps Museum Baseball

Topps Museum is a higher-end product with a lot of hits per hobby box. A product that has been released in July also helps narrow down which “big hits” are still available, too. If you’re searching for the newest Hall-of-Famer, Derek Jeter, you know the 1 of 1 Emerald auto bat relic has been pulled. There are still tons of other hits available from the checklist, though, and there are 4 hits per hobby box of: on-card auto, auto relic, relic, and quad relic. BLEZ is offering a pick-your-team break but at tiered pricing. For example, the Yankees are $219, and if you’re a Dimaondbacks fan, the buy-in is only $19. You can pick your team HERE.

4. 2020 Topps Formula 1 Sapphire

In August we mentioned that Formula 1 Sapphire was one of the hottest products out; no breakers could keep the cards on their sites. The trend continues and the cards are going to get more attention now with George Russell signing with Mercedes to drive alongside Lewis Hamilton in 2022. Hamilton’s rookie card (base #10) is in the product alongside Russell’s rookie card. A rookie variation of Russell is selling for North of $600, and inserts like the Gold version sell for over $1,300. A box consists of 8 packs per box and 4 cards per pack, and Vintage Breaks has spots available by the card (so only 32 spots available) at $65 per spot HERE. As the product sells out quickly, make sure to check the other sports tab here for any new boxes that get put up this week.

5. 2021 Topps Star Wars Chrome Galaxy

This product just dropped on August 25th. Each hobby box has 1 auto and comes with 18 packs per box and 4 cards per pack. We know you enjoyed watching a vintage Star Wars pack from 1977 being opened, and we’ve had Star Wars on our radar for a few weeks! Filth Bomb Breaks has personal boxes HERE at $169.99. There are Galaxy Autograph insert cards with 59 to that insert set and come in 35 packs – Harrison Ford IS in that insert set! We hope you pull a Ford auto!