Greatest Pulls of All Time – Autograph Home Run Kings Book with FIFTY Signatures

The next edition of Greatest Pulls of All Time is here featuring Jaspy’s Card Breaks.

When you pull a signed card out of a break that has an all-time legend’s John Hancock on it, it’s a darn good day. Now multiply that excitement by 50. FIFTY!


When Jaspsy Case Breaks opened a 2019 Topps Luminaries, a super-thick card was in the case. Unsure what to think of the card, Joe flipped through the book a little bit and was floored. “I’ve never seen this before,” came out of Joe’s mouth, and he’s busted some MONSTER pulls in his time. The booklet is a one of one called the Home Run Kings Ultimate Book Card. LOOK AT THIS THING:

Here’s a list of the names that signed the card — ready?


Vladimir Guerrero Sr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Rhys Hoskins

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Shoehi Ohtani

Stan Musial

Mike Piazza

Nelson Cruz

Paul Goldschmidt

Reggie Jackson

Manny Machado

Mark McGwire

Miguel Cabrera

Mike Trout

Juan Soto

Ken Griffey Jr.

Kris Bryant

Kyle Schwarber

Jim Thome

Johnny Bench

Jose Ramirez

Juan Gonzales

Hank Aaron

Hideki Matsui 

Ivan Rodriguez

Jeff Bagwell

Frank Thomas

Fred McGriff

Gary Sanchez

George Springer

David Ortiz

Eddie Murray

Edgar Martinez

Francisco Lindor

Carlton Fisk

Chipper Jones

Dale Murphy

Dave Winfield

Bo Jackson

Daryl Strawberry

Cal Ripken

Carl Yastrzemski

Alex Rodriguez

Andre Dawson

Andres Galarraga 

Anthony Rizzo

Aaron Judge

Adrian Beltre

Al Kaline

Albert Pujols


Not sure what is harder: trying to photograph that card and get all the signatures in one picture, or typing all of those names out as Joe read them off… We’d tally up the home runs to see the total that card produces, but we’ll just sum it up as MANY. What a pull!


We hope YOU pull a monster like this and get to be featured next on The Greatest Pulls of All Time here at