Celebrity Breaks – Big Cat and PFT from Pardon My Take

Get hyped with Big Cat and PFT from Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take on this week’s Celebrity Breaks.

In this week’s Celebrity Breaks with CardBreaks.com, Ken Goldin from Goldin Auctions catches up with the boys from Bar Stool, Big Cat and PFT on Pardon My Take to open a $20,000 box of 1996 Topps Chrome basketball cards.


The guys are hyped, and for good reason! This box might contain legendary Kobe Bryant refractor rookie cards – worth up to $300,000 bucks if graded a PSA 10. Other big hits in this box include Allen Iverson rookie refractors that sell for $75,000 with a grade of PSA 10. With prices like that, you can understand why a box will set you back $20K.


Before the box was opened, Ken brought a special gift to the Big Cat and PFT: A 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken (Cal Ripken’s brother) card with the “F-word” written on his bat. Known as the “F-Face” Ripken card, it’s a pretty hot ticket among collectors that grew up ripping packs in the 80’s. You can read about the card and see the picture HERE.


The box that Big Cat and PFT ripped had 20 packs with 4 cards per pack; those are pretty good odds to pull a star! Breakers’ names were placed into a helmet and randomly selected. Can the boys strike cardboard gold? 


They pulled an Iverson rookie straight out of the gate! Not bad – this card is worth about $1,500 ungraded according to Ken. Top cards will be sent to PSA and given their own special label to show the card was pulled during this special break with Bar Stools’ Pardon My Take.


The guys may not have pulled a Kobe, but this is still an awesome box and the guys probably had a blast opening these packs; it’s not every day you can open a pack that costs about $2,000 each. If you want to check out Pardon My Take, Big Cat and PFT have new episodes out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  


In the meantime, we’ll be out there rubbing elbows with the biggest card-breaking stars, so return here next time for Celebrity Breaks with CardBreaks.com!