Top Breaks to Buy Into – 8.23.21

The best breaks to buy this week are here. Check out our top 5 picks, like a 1985 Topps WWF Pack.

1. 1985 Topps WWF Pack

Want to relive some childhood memories? Well, THIS is the break for you! Vintage Breaks has spots by the cards in 1985 Topps WWF. PSA grades the WWF cards, and top-conditioned pulls go for quite a bit of money. A Hulk Hogan card number 1, graded at a PSA 10, sold on eBay for $21,310 just two weeks ago. Stop blasting “Real American” in your head, try not to rip off your shirt, and see if this is the pack for you HERE. At $30 per spot (1 card), you could get lucky and find Hulk!


2. 1981–1985 Topps Baseball Pack Mixer

Let’s stay in your youth and have fun hunting for rookie cards of Cal Ripken (1982 Topps), Tony Gywnn and Wade Boggs (1983 Topps), Don Mattingly (1984 Topps), and Mark McGwire (1985 Topps). Ripping Vintage Wax is keeping our 1980s dreams alive for $100 HERE.


3. 2021 Prizm English Premier League

Blowout has a sale on personal blaster boxes HERE at a special price of $39.95. Blaster boxes have 6 packs per box and 4 cards per pack. We haven’t found many breaking sites offering a personal box cheaper than this price!

Luminance Football

4. 2021 Luminance Football

With 3 autos per box, The Break Exchange is offering 2021 Luminance with 4 teams per spot at $45. At around $10 per team, you can not only chase rookies like Trevor Lawrence, but autos of Mahomes, Rodgers, and more. There should be 10 cards per pack and 4 packs per box.


5. 2021 Select NBA Hobby Pack

If you’re looking for the newer NBA products, Panini Select just came out on July 30th.  The Coffee Breakers are offering 1 hobby pack at $125 HERE. Three 5 cards to each pack. A Hobby box has 12 Prizm cards, 2 base Courtside cards, 10 base Premier cards, and three autographs or memorabilia cards. A redemption of LaMelo Ball for a Rookie Jersey Auto Gold /10 sold on eBay already for $10,988 on 8/18.