The Best Pulls of the Week – 8.16.21

We’re back with the Best Pulls of the Week! Watch this week's countdown and read how The Break Exchange had two incredible pulls from the same pack – plus much more.

1. Mike Trout Letter Book Auto 1/1

Do you remember when we said that one of our top breaks to buy into this week was a 2021 Topps Luminaries case break with Layton Sports Cards? Flashback to that suggestion here.


Well, in their Luminaries case break, Layton Sports Cards pulled a 1/1 Mike Trout Letter Book autographed card! Hopefully you were in on this case!

2. Tua Tagovailoa and Dan Marino Passing the Torch Auto /10

Next up, The Break Exchange opened some 2021 Donruss Elite football cards and found a “Passing the Torch” dual-auto of Dan Marino and Tua Tagovailoa – numbered to TEN! There was certainly a happy customer from this pull.

3. Mac Jones Turn of the Century Red Auto /99

Next, the Break Exchange had another incredible pull from the same pack! The very next card pulled was a Turn of the Century auto in a red parallel, out of 99, of Patriots rookie QB, Mac Jones! Is this possibly the greatest pack ever?

4. Brent Burns Auto Button /3

Another break we told you about was The Cup that Jaspys was doing this week. From this break came a Bren Burns button card, numbered to 3, and signed, too! Have you ever seen a thicker card?

5.  Trey Lance Immaculate Conference Patch 1/1

As Blez said during the break of 2021 Panini College Immaculate – the entire industry wants this card! If you thought the Brent Burns button card was cool, you’ll love this 1/1 Conference Patch from rookie QB Trey Lance; the patch is AWESOME.