Top Breaks to Buy Into – 8.16.21

Get ready, get set, and go read all about this week’s top breaks to buy into!

1. 250-Graded Card Hit Random With TWO Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards

When is the last time you’ve seen a Mickey Mantle rookie card in a Hit Random? When is the last time you’ve seen two…


Vintage Breaks has Hit Random available with 250 cards, all graded. The key cards you’ll want to land on are a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle graded PSA 4.5, and a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card graded PSA 1. If you don’t land on the two Mantles, you could take home a Nolan Ryan rookie card, a T206 Ty Cobb, and a bevy of other beauties to be had. Spots are available at $475 per spot HERE. 

For Hit Random advice, check out our interview with Break-a-holic, Chris Ko!


2. 2021 Topps Luminaries

Luminaries JUST released on August 11th. This brand new, high-end product is a little expensive but you’re guaranteed a hit. There is only one card in the box, but it will be encased and contains an autograph (or cut signature) with every card being limited to 20 copies or fewer.


Layton Sports Cards has several different 12-box case breaks with 1 random box per spot that is $379.99 on their site HERE. Doing a search for competitive prices, Layton has one of the lowest prices around on Luminaries. Check out the video from Layton opening a case; you can see what the cards will look like.


3. 2021 Onyx Vintage Football

Onyx is making their debut in football products this season. The product will show the 2021 NFL draft class in their college uniforms so this product may be geared towards you if you’re more of a collegiate fan than an NFL fan. The set includes Eli Manning and Justin Herbert, though. The card design is set as a throwback, hence the vintage title.

Each box will come with four cards, two of which are on-card signatures. The checklist is fairly small at just 79 cards so there are good odds at pulling an autograph of a player you’re looking for. These cards were actually released back in May but with modern football tending to be more expensive, we thought an affordable product with good odds is worth sharing for you!

Real Breaks has a box at $59 for you HERE.


4. 2019-20 Upper Deck The Cup

We haven’t given hockey any love in the off-season, but what’s great about that: cheaper breaks! Jaspys Case Breaks is offering a 3-box break of random teams for 2019-20 Upper Deck THE CUP. There are six cards per box and on average are two autographed patch cards. 


A box isn’t cheap at nearly $900 so getting in on Jaspys for $99 per spot HERE.

UFC Card-1

5. 2021 UFC Prizm

The Coffee Breakers have a really nice deal going in with packs of 2021 UFC Prizm! Usually, UFC breaks are random weight classes and can get expensive. Hobby Boxes are also $1,000+, Retail boxes are $370, and even Blaster boxes are around $70. This week we found you a very affordable UFC break with personal retail packs for $17.00 each HERE


The retail box has 24 packs and contains 12 inserts and 12 prizms. Your pack should contain one of these parallels. The retail version also has exclusive Pink Pulsar Prizm cards, too. At the very least, unlike a random weight class where you may skunk, you’re going to take home the cards from your pack.  

Remember to check the bonuses your breakers are offering, too! Check out our guide on How to Decide Which Breaks to Buy Into so you can always maximize your break purchases. Good luck and happy breaking this week!