The Best Pulls of the Week – 8.9.21

We’re bustin’ through like the Kool-Aid Man to show you the best pulls of the week! Discover how Vintage Breaks opened up a box of 2014 Upper Deck golf cards and pulled an Exquisite Dimensions Autograph of Tiger Woods – plus so much more!
Photo Credit: Facebook user VintageBreaks459

1. Tiger Woods Exquisite Dimensions Auto 

To start off this week’s best pulls of the week, Vintage Breaks opened up a box of 2014 Upper Deck golf cards and pulled an Exquisite Dimensions autograph of Tiger Woods. Dimensions signatures from this set showcase a cool shadowbox behind the autograph. “J5” couldn’t hold his excitement on this pull for lucky customer Jace!

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Photo Credit: YouTube user Packman Breaks

2. LeBron James /10 GOLD Duet Selections

One of the newest products out for basketball is 2021 Panini Select. Packman Breaks offered spots in a six-box, first-off-the-line break. All eyes were on this insane dual-jersey card of LeBron James, featuring a three-color patch from his days on the Cavs and two colors on the Lakers jersey. This insert is a Duet Selections Memorabilia card with the gold version numbered to 10!

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Photo Credit: YouTube user CheapFunBreaks

3. Shohei Ohtani Masters of the Mound Black Parallel Auto 1/1

It’s hard to get excited over a redemption card until your cardboard gold arrives in the mail, but we can imagine customer “Squish Vader” will be checking the mailbox every single day until this one arrives. Houdi at Blowout Cards pulled Vader a Masters of the Mound autograph of potential MVP, Shohei Ohtani, from 2021 Topps Luminaries. The best part? This is a black parallel card that is a 1/1!

unnamed (3)
Photo Credit: YouTube user Mojobreak

4. Steph Curry Validating Marks Platinum 1/1

Here’s another redemption card, but it’s another ONE OF ONE auto! Mojobreak did a random team break in 2021 Panini National Treasures basketball and pulled a Validating Marks redemption for Steph Curry. This Chef Steph auto is the Platinum insert, too, which is another one of one. We’d have the same reaction if this was our pull, too. BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Photo Credit: YouTube user Platinum Card Breaks

5. Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Trey Lance /25 Newly Minted Memorabilia Triples Prime

With the NFL season on the horizon, there is a lot of action at Platinum Card Breaks for 2021 Panini Gold Standard. During a six-box, pick-your-team break, we see a card with three of the top QB’s from this year’s rookie class all on one card! There’s no redemption here; just three cool patches! This is a Newly Minted Memorabilia Triples card in the Prime parallel.