Top Breaks to Buy Into – 8.9.21

Get ready, get set, and go read all about this week’s top breaks to buy into!

1. 2021 Topps Clearly Authentic 

Rip City Cards has 2021 Topps Clearly Authentic available. There is one card per box but it is an encased auto. The checklist is here. Topps is sold out of the boxes online at a price of around $75, so $90 at Rip City is a good number! If you love baseball, autographs, and affordable products, this is nice.


2. Ripping Vintage Wax Breaks

Ripping Vintage Wax lives up to the name with offering spots in 1975 Topps baseball, 1977 basketball, and original Star Wars packs, but you’ll need to buy the full pack – and that’s a little expensive. You may like a more affordable pack, like their 1889 Fleer basketball pack for $37.50. A pack-fresh, early Jordan is always fun to chase. A PSA 10 ‘89 Fleer Jordan is still selling for around $900!

National Treasures

3. Panini National Treasures Basketball

Mojobreaks has the product of products – Panini National Treasures basketball. A box will run you about $3,500 if you buy one for yourself, but Mojo offers a team break. There are ten cards per box with 4 autographed cards, 4 memorabilia cards, 1 printing plate and 1 base or parallel card (on average) in each box. Mojo is using tiered pricing on the teams.  For example, the Knicks are $699 but the Pacers are $99. This is a nice way to buy into a break if you’re a fan of a team that doesn’t command top dollar. Sometimes you just love the Indiana Pacers. Your four-box (40 cards) is here.


Here’s a video of National Treasures being opened so you can get an idea of what hides inside:

Gold Standard Football

4. 2021 Panini Gold Standard Football

Layton Sports cards has a random team break of 2021 Panini Gold Standard football. This is the product that the RPA of Trey Lance you just read about came from! You’ll be able to get rookie cards in their pro uniforms here. You can buy a personal box break for $469.99 here. Each box has five autographed or memorabilia cards. If the price is too expensive and you would like a random team break, Layton offers those here.

Full-Lockup Logo-whatnot

5. World Champion Breaks on the WhatNot App

World Champion Breaks is now on the WhatNot app. The owner, Kyle McGowin, is a current MLB pitcher for the Nationals. Sometimes Kyle’s breakers work from the breaking station while other times Kyle himself breaks your packs at different ballparks. Last week, World Champion Breaks offered high-end products like Topps Museum and Topps Tribute, auction style, that Kyle opened from the stadium. Since the price was auction-style, a few packs sold below retail! That, and the fact that you can get a card opened from a current pitcher makes it a pretty sweet deal. Check out their WhatNot account this week to see if you can snag a good pack and a cheap price!