The Best Pulls of the Week – 8.2.21

We’re coming ‘atcha with the biggest pulls of the week, like a Zion Sneaker Swatch Auto /40.

1. Zion Sneaker Swatch Auto /40 

In a random team break with Jaspys Case Breaks, Joe pulled this awesome Zion from a First-Off-the-Line box of  2019-20 Panini Immaculate for a lucky customer. Look how thick this card is; The photo does it no justice! Take a look at Joe showing Zion off in the video, and see the dimensions of this bad boy.


2. Mike Trout 1 of 1 Superfractor Auto

In their first break back from the National, Layton’s Sports Cards pulled a BANGER from 2021 Topps Finest! What are the odds? During their first break – and first box – back from the big show, out pops a 1/1, signed Trout. Brad kept his composure pretty well, but we wouldn’t have been able to – it’s a SUPERFRACTOR TROUT!


3. Mark McGwire and Paul Goldschmidt Dual Auto

World Champion Breaks tugged at our 90’s heart strings with a Big Mac auto from Topps Tier 1 in a mixer break. It was a dual pull with Mark McGweire and Paul Goldschmidt, numbers 6/15 for a lucky collector. Seeing McGwire in the ‘Cards uni takes us back to the Summer of ‘98 and the chase for Roger Maris’ home run record with Sammy Sosa. The clear-panel sig is pretty cool, too. Watch the video of this incredible pull here!


4. 1969 Topps Wilt Chamberlain AND Oscar Robertson

Vintage Breaks took the main stage of the National with a sealed pack of 1969 Topps basketball cards. With ten customers in this pack break and all eyes on the pack, out popped two legendary players back-to-back! Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson saw the light of day for the first time in 52 years.


5. Trey Lance Rookie-Patch Auto

The 49ers rookie QB, Trey Lance, inked his name on this patch card from Panini Gold Standard. Mojobreak held a six-box, random team break and pulled Lance RPA. How cool are boxes, by the way? Gold bricks!