Chris-Ko Exclusive Interview – Breakaholic Chris Ko

Slap on your favorite baseball cap, because we’re going in deep with owners, breakers and breakaholics. This time we’re featuring one of the hobbies finest, Chris Ko, to share his love for the breaking community.

We’re going to do something only CardBreaks has the courage to do – go behind the scenes of breaking! We want you to see breaking from all three aspects: Owner, breaker, and breakaholic. Seeing breaking from different vantage points will open your world up so you can perhaps find a new breaker you haven’t purchased from yet, learn new types of breaks, pick up new tricks from other breakaholics, or just take pleasure in seeing a boatload of cool cards.


CardBreaks wants to start off with someone just like yourself: a breakaholic! One of the biggest breakaholics we know, Chris Ko, is kind enough to tell you about his breaking experiences. You’ll hear Chris tell you firsthand which breakers he enjoys, the types of breaks he’s looking out for, how he accidentally got into breaking because of his career in video games, some vintage baseball beauties he owns, and more! Chris’ insight on Hit Randoms is something we should all take note of.

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Trading Card
Trading Card

Thanks to Chris Ko for diving into his story! That is a sweet pair of T206 Ty Cobbs. If you see Chris in a Jaspys Hit Random, maybe you can get him to give you some tips on cheat codes in Madden.

If there is a breaker or breakaholic you’d like to hear from, let us know. CardBreaks wants to do the interviews YOU want to see!