How to Decide Which Breaks to Buy Into

It can be hard to narrow down which breaks to buy into, so we're here to lend a helping hand.

If you’re getting ready to buy into your first break and not sure WHICH break to buy into, we’re here to help guide you.  Similarly if you’ve been buying into breaks and coming away with nothing more than an empty bank account, CardBreaks has you in mind, too. We’ve put together tips that will help you choose the breaks that best suit you and your budget.

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1. Determine whether you are breaking for pleasure or value

It is important to know what you ultimately do with your pulls. Before you buy into a break, decide ahead of time which option your cards will fall under:


• Going into your personal collection for you to keep and enjoy

• Be used as a long-term investment.

• Trading/selling the cards for a quick profit.


Use this information to create your shopping list.

2. Research the product

Knowing the product is key no matter what you decide to do with your pulls. You should minimally gather information on:


• Set Checklist

• Number of cards in your break (how many cards are in the pack, box, set, etc.)

• Pack Odds for inserts/special cards


Product information should be placed on the breaker’s site, the product company site, or sites such as Cardboard Connection and Beckett. You wouldn’t want to buy into a product in search of a specific player and find out the hard way the player isn’t even in the product. 

3. Learn the card values

When breaking for long-term investment or selling/trading for a quick profit, the value of the potential cards in the break must be known.  If you’re spending more to enter the break than the value of any potential cards, there is no real gain for you to enter the break.


To help find value on vintage cards, you can search VintageCardPrices. A helpful site for modern card values is 130 Point.

4. Know the Break Type

Review our Types of Breaks (LINK Comprehensive Guide/Break Types) and confirm the type you’re buying into. There is a big difference between Pick-Your-Team and Random Team, so make sure you clarify the type with the breaker if you just see “team break.”

5. Ask if ALL cards ship

Some breakers only ship “hits” and do not send you any base cards. If you’re breaking for investing purposes, this isn’t such an issue, but if you’re collecting cards from a certain team or player, you may want those base cards. Be sure to confirm with your breaker if all cards ship.

6. Review tax and shipping policies

Breakers may or may not include taxes or shipping until you checkout on their site. Breakers that accept purchases only through social media on a live show may not have either of these bits of information posted so ask before you buy.

7. Check on card holders and protection

Ask your breaker how the cards will be protected during shipping. Ideally your cards will be in penny sleeves, card savers, or holders of some sort. You wouldn’t want a valuable card shipped merely in a plain white envelope with no holder.

8. Take advantage of bonuses

Most breaking companies will offer various rewards and bonuses for buying into certain breaks. For example, if there is one pack left in a box break the breaker may offer you a free card or break credit to the person that buys the last pack. If you strike out on the break, you at least get the freebie.


Some breakers allow “dipping” and that’s a big plus for you. A breaker may run an all-day special with a big bonus awarded randomly to all purchasers at the end of the day. If you “dipped” once by getting the free card for buying the last pack of the box break and got an entry into the “all-day” special, you have double-dipped.

9. Stick to your budget

All the excitement can loosen those purse strings. Make sure you stick to your budget! Truly, breaking involves a great deal of luck. Sometimes you make all the right moves but your pack holds duds. If you overspend on a break and come up empty, you have nothing to show for the evening and may end up sleeping on the couch.

10. Watch various breakers

Watch a few different breaking channels to see which breakers offer what YOU want.  Perhaps the next breaker on your list offers free shipping or the breaker your friends use only breakers with pick-your-team rather than random. Find a breaker that suits you best by watching various breakers. Check out our list of Top Breakers.


These tips will get you on the path to helping you know which breaks to buy into and how to buy smart!  Don’t end up with a pile of cards you aren’t interested in and a blown budget; use these tips to your advantage and enhance your breaking experience. CardBreaks.com hopes you go pull a monster today!