Greatest Pulls of All Time – 1955 Bowman Mickey Mantle PSA 9

G.O.A.T. ALERT: bona fide card breaks history is made by Leighton from Vintage Breaks at the 2017 National.

When Vintage Breaks attended The National in 2017, owner, Leighton Sheldon, purchased a sealed 1955 Bowman Baseball cello pack graded PSA 7. As many times as Leighton wanted to open the pack, he was able to hold off for an entire YEAR! Vintage Breaks offered spots in the pack to customers and the break was to take place exactly one year later.


On the Main Stage of the 2018 Nation, Leighton had all 20 spots sold in the ’55 Bowman pack to Vintage Breaks customers. Each spot was $500 for a chance at huge names from the pack. To add enjoyment to the break, former Red Sox and two-time MLB All-Star, Rico Petrocelli, joined Vintage Breaks on stage. Rico gave a few stories about players that came out of the pack. Then, in spot 19, nearly the end of the pack, THIS happened:

For $500, Chris Rothe pulled #202 – Mickey Mantle live at the National. Does a breaker get any bigger?! We can still hear Leighton’s excitement in the video! Vintage Breaks graded the card for Chris via PSA and the card back a NINE! 

VALUE = sold for $62,730.

We hope YOU pull a monster like this and get to be featured on the next episode of the Greatest Pulls of All Time here at CardBreaks.com