Celebrity Breaks (Series)

Celebrity Breaks – Snoop Dogg

The original D. O. Double G lays it all on the line in this installment of Celebrity Breaks.

In this week’s Celebrity Breaks with CardBreaks.com, we watch one of the greatest rappers, actors, entertainers, and all around National Treasure talk sports cards. The Dog Father himself, Snoop Dogg, joins DJ Skee on Card Clout.


Recently, Snoop participated in his first card break and pulled a 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Michael Jordan rookie sticker card through The Coffee Breakers. Not a bad pull for your first break! Snoop tells us which players he collected as a kid, the last card he bought, and tells us some fun stories in only a way Snoop can. Then came THE BET.


Skee, big into sports cards himself, put down over $250,000 in high-end cards on the table that included:


• 1980 Topps Larry Bird – Magic Johnson rookies with Dr. J.  PSA 8 ($20,000)

• 1992 Stadium Club Beam Team Shaquille O’Neal PSA 9 ($4,900)

• 2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady BGS 9.5 ($18,000)

• 2017 Optic Red/Yellow Patrick Mahomes PSA 10 ($3,900)


Snoop had great stories about the players on every card Skee picked up and whether or not to invest in the players’ cards. He even mentions playing the Patriots Super Bowl ring ceremony IN Robert Kraft’s house and trying on all SIX of Tom Brady’s, or as Uncle Snoop calls him “Two-Step Tommy”, rings.


Once Skee picked up the 1996 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant card in a PSA 10 ($30,000), the show got really interesting – Skee wanted to do a game of pack wars with a small… or what he thought would be small… bet. Skee and Snoop opened up 2003 Fleer basketball. The person that pulled a LeBron James rookie would be the winner. You know Snoop wanted that Kobe rookie, so what did he bet with Skee? Snoop bet HIS CAR! Not carD with a “d”, but his actual old school, silver and black Cutlass. Let’s see how this shook out: