Celebrity Breaks

Celebrity Breaks – Kyler Murray

We're kicking off our Celebrity Breaks series with Arizona Cardinals wunderkind Kyler Murray and Mojo Breaks.

In this week’s Celebrity Breaks with CardBreaks.com, we watch Arizona Cardinals QB, Kyler Murray, open up 2018 Panini Football National Treasures with Mojo Break. Murray is such a stud athlete that he drafted ninth overall in the MLB draft (and a sweet 4.66-million-dollar contract) but went the football route instead. Winning the Heisman Trophy and being drafted first overall in the NFL draft shows us Murray made a pretty good choice. 


Kyler Murray makes big-time plays on the field(s) but can he pull big-time hits in a break? Let’s watch Doug from Mojo and Kyler chat about:


• Kyler said he’s a pro at opening packs – is he, though? 🤣

• Which QB’s he looked up to

• Favorite baseball player

• Collecting cards as a kid

• Who taught him how to sign his autograph