Greatest Pulls of All Time – 2020 Select Black Shield RPA 1/1

Brad from Layton Sports strikes gold in a 2020 Panini One break.

Whenever a monster, a true MONSTER of a pull happens in a break, the emotions run through your body and you can’t help but to shake. If you’re buying into the break and you hit a card that could alter your bank account balance to a life-changing level, you would shake with excitement. The same thing happens to a breaker! Along with the pure joy of seeing a big pull, having one of their customers land the card is great for business! You can understand then why Brad for Layton Sports shook during this break. 


A Random Team break of a 2020 Panini One took place. A box consists of just one card, but each card is autographed. The checklist is NICE with plenty of stars, and of course, the rookie class of ’20. When the ten-box case was opened, a few nice hits were pulled such as a Rookie-Patch-Autos of Chase Young and Justin Jefferson, and a signature from Hall-of-Famer, Curtis Martin. However, Brad – and we – were stunned when THIS happened:

I think Brad dropped three “Oh my gods,” three “oh my goshes,” and managed to not curse once – impressive.  The VALUE you ask? Well, the 2020 Select Black Shield RPA One of One sold in April of 2021 for $20,100, so we can start at that price tag!

We hope YOU pull a monster like this and get to be featured on the next episode of the Greatest Pulls of All Time here at CardBreaks.com.